Vinland Saga 2 will be done: the second season of the anime has been confirmed with a video

Great news for all fans who have fallen in love with the anime adaptation of the Viking epic narrated by the manga of Makoto Yukimura, since it was announced Vinland Saga 2.

The confirmation of the second season production of the anime came during the special “Vinland Saga 2nd Anniversary Memory Movie” dedicated to the work of Yukimura.

New key visual for the second season of Vinland Saga

At the same time as the announcement, a promotional video and a new key visual for the second season of Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga 2 will see the return of most of the staff who made the first season, such as the director Shuhei Yabuta and the character designer Takahiko Abiru. At the moment no further details have been disclosed nor the name of the studio that will take care of the animations.

The first season of Vinland Saga, produced by Wit Studio (Attack of the Giants 1-2-3) debuted in 2019 and is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The manga, which in Italy is published by Star Comics, debuted in Japan in 2005 in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha. At the end of the same year, the serialization then moved to Afternoon magazine and is currently underway with 183 chapters and 24 tankobons.

What is Vinland Saga about?

Europe, Eleventh Century. The Viking peoples are now an unstoppable force and no coast on the continent can be said to be safe from ships with a dragon’s prow.

The epic narrative of the Vinland Saga begins, in which the Great Story and the personal stories of a group of characters such as the young Thorfinn, whose sole purpose is to quench his thirst for revenge, and Askeladd, astute leader of a mob, intertwine. of Vikings.

From the skilled hands of Makoto Yukimura, a story of war and strong passions that catapult the reader into the bloody and violent world of medieval Europe.

What do you think? Have you already seen the first season? How did it seem to you? Let us know with your comment below.

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