VIRAL VIDEO: They take the CORPSE out of the coffin and ride it on a MOTORCYCLE before burying it

To the cry of “Go Go!” a horde of youths removed the corpse of their friend from the coffin in which he was already resting, to give him one last motorcycle ride. As impressive as it may seem, the friends of the deceased today did not hesitate to take the coffin, open it and remove the body and then mount it between two people on a motorcycle and take it for a walk, all this amid the frenzy of those present who celebrated the event.

How could it be otherwise, the event provoked reactions of contempt and was defined, by internet users and authorities, as an aberrant and unhealthy act.

They walk a corpse in Ecuador

The above happened last weekend in the Portoviejo province, in Ecuador. According to relatives, the friends of the deceased, identified as Erick cedenoThey wanted to say goodbye with one last motorcycle ride before he was buried on November 29.

The shocking scene took place in the El Florón neighborhood, a popular sector of Portoviejo where some 36 thousand poor people live.

Between shoves and people who mistreat the body of the deceased, the young people took the body out of the coffin, which was dressed in black pants and a white shirt. After this, they loaded it to place it on the motorcycle and thus be able to transport it down the street.

As can be seen in the video, the body was hanging out with its arms and legs, uncontrollably, while the horde celebrated the act. Similarly, another friend or relative of the deceased, lay with him inside his coffin to regret his departure.

He was killed at a wake

As paradoxical as it may sound, the young Erick Cedeño, 21, he was shot dead by two men a day earlier, his family revealed. The crime occurred when he was going to the wake of a relative.

Meanwhile, the event was described as aberrant and unhealthy by the local police, which reacted to the video that went viral on social networks and the news, quickly. Similarly, there were negative reviews and that attempt to pay tribute to the deceased was disqualified.

At the moment, no formal complaint has been reported about what happened, although internet users pointed out that this was a crime, for desecrating the body of the deceased, in addition to not complying with current health measures.


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