Virtual Cable creates two hybrid work solutions for SMEs

The pandemic affected all sectors of the Spanish economy, but especially the SMEs, due to their difficulty in finding a fast and affordable solution that would allow them to telework in a safe way.

After this difficult period, guaranteeing the business continuity It has become a priority, and more and more SMEs are choosing desktop and application virtualization solutions from among the options available on the market.

However, many other small and medium business owners remain reluctant to start a process of virtualizing their desktops. They think that the implementation will be a complex path, that the VDI solutions do not adapt to their needs, that they have a high cost and that they are only valid for those companies with their own IT infrastructure.

Virtual Cable, following its philosophy of adapting its UDS VDI software Enterprise to the specific requirements of all types of organizations, has created two solutions that perfectly suit the needs of SMEs. Their great flexibility allows them to be fully customized, so that each user has a tailor-made digital workspace, accessible at any time, from any place and from any device.

Those companies that do not have infrastructure, that prefer a fully managed service, pay per use and without initial investment, have found in UDS DaaS a customized solution. This option eliminates hardware costs and its implementation is immediate. The Virtual Cable UDS DaaS Partners that provide this service and provide close and efficient attention in Spanish are Data Recover, IR Soluciones and Velorcios Group.

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Development of UDS SMB

For SMEs that choose to take charge of their environment, Virtual Cable has developed UDS SMB. It offers the same VDI and security features as the solutions available for large corporations, but with special contracting conditions and the possibility of specifying an exact number of users. Thus, it adjusts to the economic capacities of any company, regardless of its size. can be unfolded on premise or in any type of cloudincluding hybrid and multicloud environments.

Both options have all the advantages of UDS Enterprise, such as compatibility with any technology, and facilitate compliance with the regulations of the National Security Scheme (ENS). They help promote sustainability and improve energy efficiency, providing high savings in electricity consumption. In addition, they can be implemented taking advantage of the Digital Kit aid from Virtual Cable partners, who are digitizing agents.

Thanks to these solutions, a large number of small and medium-sized companies have been able to implement a hybrid work system that allows them to take charge of their business no matter where they are or the range of devices within their reach. They only need to connect to the internet to serve their customers in the same way that they do when they are in your facilities.

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