“Virtual desktops can be used anytime, anywhere and on any device”

VMware and HPE have brought together their vast technological and business experience in a joint VDI solution to offer all the advantages of the VMware Horizon Virtual Desktops (VDI) platform on the technology base of HPE servers in GreenLake pay-per-use mode. We have interviewed Francisco Verdugo, VMware Senior Partner Solution Engineer to learn more about this interesting initiative. The full video interview is available here:

[MCPRO] What is desktop virtualization (VDI) and what are its benefits?

[Francisco Verdugo] Virtual desktops are an abstraction of what a physical workplace would be, with all its advantages. It looks the same, the same apps, and serves the same use cases, but with one big advantage. And it is that they can be used practically at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world and, most importantly, from any device, including web browsers. We can meet, for example, in a hotel, where this is the type of access available.

[MCPRO] What solution does VMware offer to virtualize the desktop (VDI)?

[FV] VMware Horizon provides true desktops that can be deleted or created in seconds. Our solution enables centralized management of user desktops in the datacenter so IT teams can easily provision new clients and improve security and compliance with the goal of reducing costs and providing users with a truly personal desktop experience.

VMware Horizon Enterprise allows us to separate the desktop, applications, the user profile and the policies associated with users and applications to simplify all management without affecting the user experience at any time. But it’s not just about virtual desktops, with Vmware Horizon organizations can deliver and monitor published applications to end users who don’t need full desktop access.

Virtual desktops and published applications with Horizon provide IT teams with greater consistency in system settings and policies, which are now tied to those end users. This enables a truly contextual user experience with policies that can change dynamically based on the device used and the location from which services are accessed.

[MCPRO] What is the joint proposal of VMware and HPE to facilitate the deployment of VDI solutions?

[FV] The best virtualization solution is now offered alongside the industry’s most followed x86 server platform, integrated from the ground up. This greatly speeds up project start-up as well as cost control. The knowledge and technology that VMware and HPE treasure allow to offer a great user experience, with power, ease of use and availability as fundamental pillars.

It is a complete As-A-Service solution including computational capacity, storage capacity and the fully scalable virtual desktop service in several modalities:

  • Cloud
  • On premises
  • Hybrid cloud

Organizations can start easily with on-premises infrastructure and then grow, or even spill over, to cloud-based and even hybrid cloud infrastructure, offering solutions that foster future-proof work. And all of this need not be complex or expensive.

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