Visio will finally arrive this August to Microsoft 365

The best known and most used office suite worldwide is Office, which in turn has a subscription model called Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365). With this model, we can have access to Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher applications in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription. These tools were scheduled to be joined by another one for free last July, Visio, which should finally arrive this August.

It was last June when it was revealed that Microsoft was preparing a “lite” version of its diagramming tool called Visio that would become part of the Microsoft 365 suite for free. However, the company decided to delay the launch of this tool that will finally have to see the light before the end of this month of August.

Viso’s “lite” version comes to Microsoft 365

According to Microsoft 365 General Manager Seth Patton, Visio was currently available as a standalone application for purchase, especially for those who need to create diagrams on their computer. In the same way, from now on it is intended to bring all the important capabilities of Visio within the Microsoft 365 package, so that it can be available, Without aditional costs, for all commercial subscribers of the platform.

The Visio web app will not be coming to Microsoft 365 in full, it will be a slightly smaller and lighter version of the program. With it, we will have access to its most basic functions, which despite not being so complete, will provide all users with an essential Visio experience.

Microsoft development plan for Visio

To confirm this arrival, Microsoft has updated the Microsoft 365 roadmap, where this change is reflected. In it, we can see how Visio appears: Visio web application in Microsoft 365, which appears Developing and whose release date is estimated for this month of August (CY2021). The application will be available to all business users, allowing anyone to create, edit and share professional diagrams. The application will integrate with the rest of the Microsoft 365 tools, including Microsoft Teams, for a more collaborative diagramming experience.

When and how to access Visio tools

At the moment the exact date on which this “lite” version of Visio is available as part of the Microsoft 365 package is unknown, although the roadmap itself marked by those from Redmond warns that it will be released this same month of August. This application will be available independently within the “All applications” section of Office Online. The application will offer several design templates and the tool will also have integration with other Microsoft 365 products such as Teams.

At the moment this new tool is reserved for the commercial usersTherefore, if we are members of a Personal or Family plan, at the moment we will not have access to the new web version of Visio. Something that they will surely not miss either, since home users will rarely require the use of diagrams in their day to day.

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