Visit new worlds in the metaverse with these 5 games

From the virtual world of metaverse Of which we have known for some time, many modes of use are appearing for both users and companies. We can interact in many ways, from playing to trading. Thus we will have the opportunity to visit new virtual worlds, as we will see.

At both the corporate and personal levels, multiple modes of operation are gradually appearing that take advantage of the currently growing metaverse. In these lines we are going to focus on a series of worlds created within the metaverse where the gaming experiences are the most striking. These virtual elements are becoming one of the preferred options of the regulars of the blockchain. And not only because of the leisure time that games offer us as such, but also because of the investment opportunities.

The main advantage of these platforms is that players can enjoy the games and be a part of them. The different platforms of the metaverse that we can find today have experienced a considerable increase in activity in recent months. This is something that has become especially clear after the presentation by mark zuckerberg of his own and that little by little will lead to Facebook, now Meta. For all these reasons, new virtual worlds are emerging in the form of games throughout the metaverse.

Enjoy these metaverse worlds right now

Precisely for this reason we are going to show you some of the most interesting ones that you can visit right now. All this is something that you can carry out both by entertainmentlike to make some investments and even earn money.

  • Uplands: here we find a virtual world of the metaverse developed on EOS Blockchain to enjoy a real estate experience. This offers us the possibility of becoming real estate tycoons from an initial map. Upland is arguably one of the biggest virtual worlds at the moment attracting thousands of active wallets on a weekly basis. Players will be able buy landcreate businesses or sell their plots for profit.
  • NFT Worlds: This is a newer project in terms of these games that combines something similar to Minecraft with Blockchain technology and NFTs. A game economy based on the native token WRLD has been created here. We will be able to negotiate with plots of land or buy entire ecosystems.
  • Ember Sword: Here we come across a Polygon-based MMORPG that features a player-powered economy. It offers us a lot of combat and tradable collectibles. The game has an extensive collection of NFT lands that we can trade with. Thus, the owners receive a small percentage of the real income produced by the farms. There is a total offer limited to 160,000 plots, although the game is not yet running, we can register.
  • WorldWideWebb: This is a mission-based metaverse game that allows us to buy land in the form of apartments. There are four different sizes and they allow us to have a personalized piece of the world wide webb universe. These items serve as a custom NFT gallery or event venue. The title provides rewards in the form of collectibles and other resources.
  • aavegotchi: We are talking about another relatively new release in the form of games for the metaverse. The platform has already introduced a considerable number of elements including REALM plots to farm and produce resources with which we can trade virtually.

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