Visit the TeamGroup Digital Expo 2022 and participate in the prize draw

TeamGroup is a well-known brand in the current hardware landscape, especially for being a specialist in memory products and for being pioneers in many areas, such as the use of graphene in the heatsinks of its SSDs. Now the manufacturer has released the TeamGroup Digital Expo 2022a virtual stage in which they present the diversification of the company’s products, and in which any user can participate in the lottery of some of its products. We tell you everything below.

This year, the company presents its new product technology concept which they have called “Invincible Evolution”; After the release of the TRUST – TeamGroup Industrial 5 technologies video and the “T-FORCE Gaming Spirit – Invincible TEAM”, its new digital presentation “Keynote” conveys both the company’s product diversification this year and its new technology concept for consumers global.

TeamGroup Digital Expo 2022: this is your Keynote

This video not only showcases TeamGroup’s 25 years of R&D and manufacturing capabilities, but also demonstrates the cutting-edge performance of the new generation of ddr5 rams, in which they are pioneers. We also see the Gen 5 SSDs, with which they intend to take storage technology to the next level, and the evolution of their all-in-one liquid cooling heatsinks, which they have recently delved into.

TeamGroup aspires to present an unbeatable new intergenerational technology as they have done in the past, reaffirming its leadership position in the industry (although it is not a leader in terms of sales volume, it certainly is in terms of development and use of new technologies).

T-Force Gaming Spirit, the best gaming hardware

In the T-FORCE Gaming Spirit video that you can see above these lines, a musical and visual exhibition of the top-level gaming performance provided by the brand’s hardware with its range of products is shown T Force, geared towards gaming. It features exclusive music created by the firm’s marketing team and expresses the company’s dedication to being the best gaming hardware provider in the industry.

TRUST: TeamGroup development for the industry

Being a pioneer company in the development of new creation technologies, TeamGroup is also a strong candidate to create products for the industrial environment. Thus, with this video, the manufacturer shows how TRUST technology is widely used in the aerospace, defense, surveillance, automation, server, automobile and many other sectors to meet the needs of all kinds of industrial applications.

The TeamGroup Digital Expo 2022 also brings raffles

In addition to showcasing their industry-leading technology and high-performance products that help improve the efficiency of users’ PCs, TeamGroup has also organized a contest for users around the world, with the goal that make TeamGroup Digital Expo 2022 even more memorable.

To win an exclusive kit of 32 GB (2 × 16 GB) of RAM DELTARGB DDR5 6400 MHz, one heatsink AIO SIREN GD360E and other great prizes, users will only have to answer a few questions about the videos that we have put above in a simple questionnaire.

You can find all the information about the TeamGroup Digital Expo 2022 on the event’s website.

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