Vista bets on accelerating the recovery of SMEs at Christmas

Good results are expected for retailers of electronic commerce worldwide in the christmas campaign, because the restrictions have not been determined as it will increase consumer spending.

However, it is estimated that local small businesses will continue to struggle to recover. That is why Vista will reimburse up to 50 euros to all employees who make their Christmas purchases in small local stores, whether physical or virtual. In Spain, this initiative will be available to each of Vista’s 355 workers, 248 of whom work in its offices in Barcelona, ​​Poble Nou.

“According to our estimates, up to half of the money spent on local small businesses will stay in the community. When local commerce thrives, so do communities »says Richard Moody, CEO of Vista Europe. It is a initiative of international scope, as it comprises its more than 7000 workers around the world.

“The next few weeks will be critical for small businesses in Spain as they work tirelessly during the festive season”said Rich Moody, Vista’s managing director for Southern Europe, Benelux and Nordic countries. “Our #VistaLovesLocal initiative is the biggest opportunity to date for Vista team members to collectively support local businesses, and we can’t wait to see the impact of this campaign. Small businesses are the cornerstone of any neighborhood in Spain, so shopping at these stores plays an essential role in helping them and the communities they are part of to prosper ».

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Vista will also celebrate small business shopping with a fun social media campaign on both Instagram and Facebook to highlight the benefits of shopping at local stores. Workers are also encouraged to recognize the small businesses they like best and share them on social media through hashtags #LoveMyLocal Y #VistaLovesLocal.

#LoveMyLocal campaign on social media

In addition to celebrating small business purchases and contributing to the local economy, Vista will improve the visibility of small business associates in Spain with a campaign on Instagram and Facebook that will include posts “on the way to shopping in small stores”, a story by Instagram on “Small Business Support” and user-generated content recognizing your favorite stores with hashtags #LoveMyLocal or #VistaLovesLocal.

Business partners around the world

The initiative Christmas shopping in small businesses is part of Vista’s broader mission to become the ideal design and marketing partner for small businesses around the world, providing them with high-impact materials and the creative and business expertise they need to achieve your business goals. Following the success of Vista’s 99 Days of Design Global Initiative and the Vista Pitch Challenge, the Small Business Holiday Shopping campaign underscores Vista’s commitment to small businesses around the world.

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