Viterbit uses Artificial Intelligence to boost talent attraction

Viterbit launches a new tool that will revolutionize the sector. The startup has developed a talent management platform specialized in recruitment and selection, with functionality that integrates Artificial Intelligence and It adapts to the hiring needs of human resources teams in any sector.

50% time savings

With the AI Talent Assistant Viterbit has become the first ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that applies Artificial Intelligence to recruitment and selection processes. Bearing in mind that one of the tasks that recruitment teams spend the most time on is screening resumes, one of the advantages of this new functionality is that it helps save up to 50% of the time invested in these processes. .

Job offers and candidate summary

The new functionality allows Automatically write job offers. Similarly, it offers a brief summary of each candidate and shows softskills / hardskills in a standardized way. In this way, it will no longer be necessary to read all the CVs one by one, but the Al Talent Assistant will extract the information about the candidates in a tweet to streamline the process of analysis and screening of CVs.

Filters and detailed database

Once this summary has been made, the person in charge of selection will be able to establish filters based on needs of the position to be filled. This will allow you to segment the most suitable candidates for each position based on their knowledge and skills. All this information will be saved automatically, so that the recruiter will have a detailed database. through functionality Al Matcher it is possible to find the best candidates within the database in a few steps.

viterbit was founded in Madrid in January 2021 by Dimitri Nicolau (CEO), Ariel Gutiérrez (CRO) and Marcos Gómez (CTO) with a 100% bootstrapped. The company offers a recruiting software and personnel selection with which companies can centralize and customize the entire recruitment process, access multiple sources of talent, manage applications collaboratively and automate tasks; all of which facilitates the saving of time and resources and guarantees a very positive experience for both the candidates and the recruiting team.

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The Viterbit team is currently made up of 27 people and they estimate to reach 40 in 2023. In October of last year they closed their first round of investment with financing from private capital that amounted to 1.6 million euros. The startup envisions multiply by three the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and exceed 1 million ARR by the end of the year. Similarly, last year 2022 multiplied by 5 the annual turnover achieved in 2021.

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