Vivaldi Mail vs Thunderbird, differences and which is the best mail client

Although there are many programs to view email, we can even do it from the classic webmail, today we are going to compare the two that are stronger in this market, and we will be able to know which one is the best.

Main differences and similarities of Vivaldi Mail and Thunderbird

To begin with, we are going to start talking about what could be considered the least known of the two Vivaldi Mail options. It is a powerful mail manager with multiple functions for handling this element, and other very interesting additional ones. We will tell you that it is a tool that is part of the Vivaldi browser. Therefore, we can use this software to move around the Internet, and at the same time have an integrated email manager to keep us up to date with our messages.

vivaldi mail

For many users this can become a very interesting advantage over Thunderbird. We say this because the second option is a stand-alone program that focuses on mail. It is also interesting to know that Vivaldi’s proposal allows us use all types of email accounts, just like with Thunderbird. here we refer to accounts of gmailiCloud, POP3, Outlookeither IMAP. Therefore, in both managers we will have the possibility of using multiple types of accounts.

Moreover, in both programs we will have the possibility of use and configure several of these accounts simultaneously. Of course, we must take into consideration that the mail service integrated in the browser is deactivated by default. Therefore, to use it, first of all, we must start it from its configuration window, just as it happens with the calendar.

activate vivaldi mail

We must take into consideration that both are programs that work locally. This means that they have their own database to manage our email messages in their different trays. ( Here the main difference is that one is part of a browser, and Thunderbird is independent.

Likewise, Vivaldi’s proposal wants to prioritize the different views we can have of our emails, more than the use of folders that we make. For its part, Thunderbird offers us a fully customizable user interface in order to be able to locate messages more quickly based on our preferences.

Additional Thunderbird Features

In addition to being able to manage our mail from this application, it offers us other interesting functions for day-to-day use.

  • master password of access.
  • digital signature and mail encryption.
  • Password manager.
  • Calendar.
  • Social media tracking and RSS.
  • Installation of extensions and plugins.
  • Simultaneous use of multiple email accounts.
  • Complete contact management.
  • Use of various profiles in the application.
  • Search tools.
  • Message storage.

Main features of Vivaldi Mail

We have already told you that one of the advantages for many users that this alternative to manage mail presents us with is that it is part of the Vivaldi browser. This is a software that is characterized by the great possibilities that it allows us to carry out when customizing it. Now let’s see the additional functions that it offers us in its mail manager.

thunderbird account

  • Calendar integrated.
  • Management of multiple simultaneous accounts.
  • Different views for personal emails.
  • Searches saved as filters.
  • Management of events in the messages.
  • RSS reader and news feeds.
  • Translation service own self.

Which mail manager is better

There is no doubt that the number of functions, both usable and aesthetic, available is at the moment greater in Thunderbird. But we can not forget that this is a software much older than Vivaldi’s mail service. That is why those who are looking for the greatest functionality in their mail manager, for now, can opt for the first option while waiting for the updates that come to Vivaldi Mail. Of course, for those regular users of this browser alternative, there is no doubt that this mail manager will meet most of your expectations.

And it is that one of the biggest drawbacks that we find in Thunderbird, is that it is a browser-independent software default. Therefore, to move around the internet and manage our mail, we need to have both applications open simultaneously. We could say Thunderbird is a more complete project and advanced to manage our mail, but Vivaldi Mail has room for improvement and is a manager that looks very good.

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