Vivaldi Social: Browser opens its own instance of Mastodon

The Vivaldi browser does not stop and the last occurrence of its managers has been to open your own instance of Mastodonie your own installation of the Twitter clone everyone seems to be talking about these days. If you are a Vivaldi user with an account, this is all you need to log in.

Indeed, a bit of Twitter, but in the opposite direction, and as the tide of complaints and recommendations for alternatives subsides, it should be noted that yes, the ideal would be for there to be alternatives and if they are based on open source and , therefore, transparent for the public, better than better.

Returning to Vivaldi, it was Jon von Tetzchner, the company’s founder and CEO, who dedicated an extensive article to the invention last week, inviting all browser users to join the ‘fediverse’ of which he is a part. Vivaldi Socialthat’s the name of the Mastodon instance you’ve created.

In short, a Mastodon instance is like a WordPress installation on your own server and with your own domain: you control everything that happens behind your doors, but it can communicate with other WordPress installations outside the walls. That is the federated model on which Mastodon is based and which, in principle, guarantees that freedom of expression is not restricted, or that arbitrary rules are not applied on the part.

In principle, because in the end the one who manages decides and although one can be expelled from one instance of Mastodon and open an account in a different one, or in his own, which supposedly would be connected with the others… That’s why cordons sanitary were invented what politicians talk about. That’s why I warn the unwary that Twitter and Mastodon are the same dog with a different collar.

In other words, if you go from Twitter to Mastodon thinking of finding greater freedoms… Think it better. Not only that: Twitter is now immersed in a restructuring that is shaking it like never before, but in terms of freedom of expression it seems that things are improving, or at least not getting worse. Elon Musk is loosening the leash and, after all, neither Twitter is going to disappear, nor is Mastodon an alternative.

That said, if you use Vivaldi, have an account to synchronize data and you want to try it, Vivaldi Social has its doors open for everyone. Don’t stay with the desire, it’s free.

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