VMware launches into the world “as a service” with vSphere+ and vSAN+

VMware is the penultimate technology company that wants to move from a model of selling software licenses to another (much more lucrative) of subscriptions. Already under the umbrella of Broadcom, the company announced a few weeks ago that the first products to be launched in this mode as a service they would be vSphere+ and vSAN+.

What the company did not specify at that time was the price that these subscriptions would have, although they anticipated that more details would be known throughout the month of July, at least from its distribution channel. At the end of the month, some prices that may be interesting for a good number of companies have not yet been made public, but, as reported in The Register, some interesting details have come to light.

In this VMware guide to licensing and pricing, the company reveals that vSphere+ it will be licensed per core and offered “with a billing model that includes minimum commitment + excess usage, rather than the usual perpetual license model.”

Similarly, as explained in this other pricing document, the “commit + overage” model means that “a customer must commit to a specific amount, and any usage in excess of the committed subscription will incur overage charges and will invoice monthly in installments.

The document also details that vSphere+ and VSAN+ will be licensed per physical core, with the basic requirement being “that the company contracts a minimum of 16 cores per CPU.” In the event that your processors have less than 16 cores, you will still pay for those 16 to which the new subscription commits. Companies interested in this new modality will be able to subscribe to VMware plans in packages of one, three or five yearswith their corresponding savings.

Companies that already have a perpetual license can switch to vSphere+ if they wish, so that they can always have their applications updated to the latest version practically at the moment they are released. The document also details that under vSphere+ companies will basically find the entire VMware infrastructure portfolio, except NSX.

Tanzu Kubernetes deployment and management tools are present, as well as vSphere distributed switch, Nvidia GRID vGPU, vSphere hypervisor, backup tools, vMotion tools and much more.

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