VMware vSphere+: manage your critical workloads without giving up anything

Skyrocketing costs and increased complexity are currently causing many companies to suffer more and more when it comes to managing their workloads effectively and profitably. And while going to the cloud is a solution for some, many choose to run their most critical loads in on-premises data centers for reasons such as data privacy, regulatory compliance, the need for low latency, or the technical complexity associated with application refactoring and migration.

On the other hand, the cloud offers undeniable advantages such as universal access, low maintenance, better development environments and more adaptable use. Giving up the flexibility and agility that the cloud offers can limit the ability of companies to innovate and compete in an increasingly demanding marketplace.

At the present time, it is difficult to conceive that a company could openly give up these advantages. How then can they get the best of both scenarios? How to benefit from the control of a production environment in a local CPD and the scalability of the cloud?

The solution proposed by VMware is VMware vSphere+, a platform that allows customers to enjoy the benefits of the cloud in their local workloads. This platform addresses the most common issues IT administrators and business decision makers are concerned about, such as the inability to access the benefits of the cloud, the complexity and limitations of perpetual licenses, and the need for Breaking down siloed infrastructures.

VMware vSphere+ offers a number of benefits for managing workloads, including increased productivity with new tools and services for system administrators; it accelerates innovation by bringing developers a more agile way of working and finally, it transforms the company’s crazy infrastructure by integrating it into a cloud environment.

As we told you in the whitepaper “VMware vSphere+: Boost your local workloads to reach the finish line”, the platform allows companies to have greater control and visibility of their workloads, which allows them to optimize the performance and efficiency of your ICT infrastructure. If you want to know more and discover how VMware vSphere+ improves the ICT management of your company, don’t think twice and download this technical document.

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