VMware will no longer seek hardware certification for the Mac Pro 2019

The virtualization specialist VMware no longer has plans to support Apple’s Mac Pro 2019. So at least the company has stated in recent statements, shattering the hopes of developers who were waiting for the possibility of VMware to work on the Top of the American company’s computers to become a reality.

Due to various COVID-19 challenges and Apple’s recent announcement regarding its transition from x86 to Apple Silicon, VMware will no longer seek hardware certification for the Mac Pro 2019 7.1 for ESXi.

In this way, it announces on its VMware blog the non-availability of its tool for the company’s most powerful computer. Are still available For customers requiring MacOS virtualization, the following Apple hardware platforms:

  • Apple 2018 Mac Mini 8.1
  • Apple Mac Pro 6.1

Administrators looking for comparable solutions have few options, as the current generation Mac Pro offers considerably more power for virtualization tasks than the Mac mini or previous Mac Pro. While not equivalent to on-premises virtual machines, Amazon’s native Mac instances for AWS, a Mac mini-powered service, are a decent option.

The explanations are quite brief and they take refuge in a world crisis that has affected everyone in different ways, but it has affected. I really think that MVware has lost an opportunity or has preferred to wait to turn definitively into the Apple Silicon. It may not be too interesting the fact of having to adapt hardware that has not really sold as much as expected and that will also shortly be eliminated by the company itself with newer, more powerful and versatile models.

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