VOD news 21/22: ‘The time traveler’s wife’, a relationship brown

VOD News brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… And, one more week, we run through the valley of the low profile, with exceptions such as The time traveler’s wife, our highlight for today. But there is more, much more.

We start the weekly review with HBO Max, which is where it has just been released The time traveler’s wifealthough you will be able to find the occasional novelty and what is not novelty, but sometimes, even better.

Does the title ring a bell? The time traveler’s wife is a new HBO Max original series, based on the best-selling novel of the same title. The time traveler’s wife It is a kind of romantic melodrama, a full-fledged soap opera, with its fantastic touch, about a time traveler… and his wife, who is the one who has to put up with everything that a situation that has more than a potential psychiatric disorder entails. What an existential paradox.

In The time traveler’s wifethe role of him is played by Theo James, best known for being the great love of the protagonist of the franchise Insurgentwhile hers is in charge of Rose Leslie, better known for being the great love of the protagonist of Game of Thrones… One of them, at least. Criticism is not receiving it well at all, but The time traveler’s wife is, despite this, the highlight of the week.

More exclusive content:

  • conversations between friends (T1). “Story set in Dublin about two 21-year-old college students, Frances and her best friend Bobbi, and their strange and unexpected connection to a married couple, Melissa and Nick.”
  • black money (T1). “Two operatives joke about manipulating traffic to hold up a bank’s armored car and end up being forced to do it. All the institutions they ask for help want to carry out the robbery and take a cut.”

Enter catalog:

  • cat woman
  • The final trick (The prestige)
  • The Super Chicks (T3)
  • What are you playing?
  • Shooter: The Shooter
  • The Ring
  • All the President’s Men
  • Tom and Jerry in New York (T2)
  • A perfect world
  • Value of law

We continue with the Amazon Prime Video offer, which comes with a bit of everything: the new season of the humor contest, garbage reality television, movies and documentaries… and a French spy series set in the Cold War that you may be interested in checking out an eye. However, I have highlighted another thing.

night sky is a new original co-production from Amazon Studios that mixes drama, science fiction, adventure, some intrigue… And it all begins with a story about old age that breaks into uneven pieces, not suitable for all audiences, but not because it goes up of tone, nor the other way around, but because the mixture does not gel quite well. That’s right: the critics don’t seem enthusiastic about this series either, which despite this has its point. Watch the trailer to see what it suggests to you.

More exclusive content:

  • Kids in the Hall – Comedy Hooligans (T1). “Through never-before-seen footage and interviews with celebrities, industry insiders, and the Kids themselves, this two-part documentary delves into the origins of this cult comedy group.”
  • LOL: If you laugh, you lose (T2). “In this second season, the villainous Santiago Segura and his henchman Xavier Deltell sell the crazy Marina LOL resort to Silvia Abril and Carolina Iglesias.”
  • Lovestruck High (T1). “Lindsay Lohan is the narrator of Lovestruck High, the reality show that brings a group of single Englishmen to her own high school in search of her better half.”
  • totem poles (T1). “In 1965, at the height of the Cold War, a French rocket scientist is recruited as a spy for an almost impossible mission and falls in love with a Soviet woman secretly working for the KGB.”

Enter catalog:

  • 360 – Destiny Game
  • Faceless Guilty
  • The loyal
  • the king of the neighborhood
  • emma
  • Inconceivable
  • crooked house
  • The diet that drives us to extinction
  • the love story
  • i wish i was here
  • gypsy king
  • Red sun
  • Trolls 2: World Tour
  • ultimate journey

Netflix comes as a badass Santa Claus would: with a well-loaded sack, but with coal. Sweet coal, eye. As an example, the platform has arranged for the three seasons of village servant, the Ukrainian series starring the current president of the country, Volodímir Zelenski. Nevertheless…

However, the platform has released this week the third season of Love, Death & Robotsone of his most interesting series in recent years, as long as you are attracted to animation for adults with an exquisite multidisciplinary technical bill, both in its staging and in the genres through which it moves.

More exclusive content:

  • Fuck love…again. “In this romantic comedy, several friends with unsuccessful love lives try to help each other… but things don’t always work out for them.”
  • Cyber ​​Hell: The investigation that uncovered the horror. “Criminals roamed freely in a network of online chat rooms committing sexual crimes. It took a lot of guts and tenacity to hunt them down.”
  • Love on the autism spectrum: United States (T1). “In this romantic docuseries, people with autism try to find love and explore the complex world of dating and relationships.”
  • The Boss Baby: Back to the Cradle (S1. “Although Ted Templeton is now an adult, when he is accused of a crime he did not commit, he becomes the Boss Baby again and pretends to be the son of his brother Tim.”
  • The newspaper of the future (T2). “In this reality show, complete strangers meet and receive a diary containing the script for their own love story. Will this lead to a true romance?
  • The Photographer and the Postman: The Crime of Cabezas. “This documentary analyzes the murder of photojournalist José Luis Cabezas: a crime that shocked Argentina and uncovered a political and financial conspiracy.”
  • Government according to Adam Conover (T1). “For better or worse, the government plays a crucial role in people’s lives. Adam Conover explores his triumphs, his failures, and possible ways to change him.”
  • in tuscany. “A Danish chef travels to Tuscany to sell his father’s business and meets a woman who makes him rethink his attitude to life and love.”
  • Insiders (T2). “Twelve people think they’ve made it to the final round of casting for a reality show. But what they don’t know is that they are already being recorded… and that €100,000 is at stake.”
  • Katt Williams: World War III. “In this hilarious special filmed in Las Vegas, Katt Williams discusses truth and lies, the chicken wing shortage and the fight against drugs.”
  • miss jerusalem (T1). “Jerusalem, 1919. Cleaning lady Rosa marries a shopkeeper in love with another woman: a decision that mars her relationship with Luna, her firstborn, for decades.”
  • They need no introduction with David Letterman (T4). “TV legend David Letterman chats with the world’s most intriguing personalities and makes intriguing visits on this talk show.”
  • Who killed Sarah? (T3). “Determined to get revenge and prove that he was wrongly accused of the murder of his sister, Alex sets out to discover much more than the true culprit of the crime.”
  • Rodrigo Sant’Anna: Cheguei. “Whether making a grand entrance, sharing personal stories, or bringing a host of quirky characters to life, Rodrigo Sant’Anna fills the stage with light.”
  • such for which. In order to get an account, an ambitious Los Angeles wine saleswoman goes to work on an Australian farm. There sparks fly between her and a tough local.”
  • A vampire in the garden (T1). “Against all odds, a vampire queen and a human girl join forces to find a paradise where humans and vampires can live together in peace.”

Enter catalog:

  • To the right hand of heaven: Silvio, a rock singer
  • Allah
  • Anne by day
  • Baratometrajes 2.0: The future of cinema made in Spain
  • Barbie: Spy Squad
  • Barbie: The Princess and the Singer
  • Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy
  • Bellezonism
  • Bittersweet Days
  • Cirkus Rwanda
  • Curse of the Witching Tree
  • the glass castle
  • The perfect man
  • the time of the monsters
  • entrevías (T1)
  • She is the boss
  • School for failures
  • First man: The first man
  • Undercover in Miami
  • Jackass 2.5
  • Jackass 4.5
  • The Legend of the Samurai – 47 Ronin
  • The halloween night
  • The strangers
  • MeesterSpion
  • One Day (Always the same day)
  • village servant (Complete series)
  • It had to be You
  • The Game
  • Conversations with Eduardo Souto de Moura
  • Conversations with Renzo Piano
  • desert coffee
  • Juan Navarro Baldeweg
  • A perfect pairing

Apple TV + continues to release slowly, slowly, but surely, and if we have to judge what they put out by what the critics transmit, they are doing well.


Now&Then is the new original series of Apple TV + and not only that: it is also the first Spanish series produced by the technology giant. One of the most curious, also. It is a Spanish-American co-production with well-known faces on this and the other side of the pond, but not the United States, but Mexico. And to top it off, almost the entire series, a suspenseful one with a fairly well-seen plot, is shot in English.

More exclusive content:

  • Harriet the spy (T2). “Honest and perpetually curious. This is 11-year-old Harriet in a nutshell. But if she wants to be Harriet M. Welsch, future writer, she will have to know everything. »

To finish, Disney + warms up engines for the premiere of Obi-Wan Kenobi and what it brings is, broadly speaking, little and bad. Of exclusives, the new version in feature film format of the squirrels Chip and Chop and a most crappy comedy.

Exclusive content:

  • Chip and Chop, the rescue guardians. “Chip and CHop return to their detective roots when an old friend goes missing.”
  • the valet. “Olivia is a famous movie star who faces a publicity catastrophe when a paparazzi takes a picture of her with Vincent, her married lover of hers. Fortuitously, a hard-working valet in the same photo lends himself to acting as a cover.”

Enter catalog:

  • Alexander the Great: Discovering his lost tomb
  • eddie the eagle
  • The ghost of the mega movie
  • godfather of harlem (T1-T2)
  • The longest journey
  • Between brothers (T1-T3)
  • giants of the deep
  • Goool! The movie
  • Youth and journalists
  • the heffalump movie
  • Life and Beth (T1)
  • Bears at full speed
  • Peter Pan in Return to Neverland
  • Primal Survivor (T3)
  • survival in the tribe
  • The Passage (T1)
  • The Walking Dead (S11, Part 2)

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