VOD news 29/22: ‘Resident Evil’, the worst was yet to come

VOD News brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… And we open in style with the new series of resident Evil… or maybe not? It will be, and the week is certainly weak. So much so that we highlight known bad, rather than good to know.

Thus, we start the weekly review with Netflix’s offer, at least numerous: almost twenty original and exclusive releases of which we barely highlight a couple, although as for tastes, colors, better take a look at the list for you same.

Netflix has premiered this week its new original series of resident Evil and… it’s a mess, yes. did you think it was bad Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness? Me too, but at least it had the scent of “resident evil” that having the original characters well adapted with their animation gave it. And what about Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City? Another nonsense, yes sir, although at least the tone was achieved. Well, this new series of Resident Evil is different.

To give you an idea, the story takes place between a past in which a pious black Albert Wesker -played by the solvent Lance Reddick (Fringe, John Wick), but not even for those- does he have to suffer his stupid teenage daughters, and a future in which one of these -Ella Balinska, known for another slop as was the last of Charlie’s Angels– acts as a decaffeinated Alice. But that’s not the worst of this new resident Evil.

The worst thing is that all the plot mess, the inconsistencies of characters and plots, could be ignored if the staging were worth it, but the series doesn’t even come to that: even the visual effects are embarrassing. With how easy -and cheap- it would have been to make a faithful adaptation of the first games. Anyway. Another missed opportunity that only the most enthusiastic of the franchise will appreciate, due to its extension.

So the answer is yes: the saga of Paul WS Anderson headed by Milla Jovovich, despite its derivation from the zeta series, is still the best thing ever done, animations aside. At least the original installment of 2002 that has just turned a whopping 20 years, but which the passage of time has respected a lot (if you want to revisit it to get rid of the current disappointment, you have it on HBO Max).

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight It is not a new movie of this popular animation franchise, but a series, so if you liked the DreamWorks trilogy, Netflix has been left exclusively with this new serialized installment of the adventures of the most flexible panda in the Valley of Peace. For more adult animation, scroll down to Farzar.

More exclusive content:

  • Under the Amalfi sun. “A year after their relationship began in Riccione, Vincenzo and Camilla vacation together on the picturesque Amalfi Coast and put their love to the test.”
  • Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks. “Comedian Bill Burr rants about marginalizing people, feminism, bad reviews of his wife, and a momentous revelation during an intense monologue.”
  • how to change your mind (T1). “Author Michael Pollan presents this docuseries exploring the history and uses of psychedelics, including LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and mescaline.”
  • DB Cooper: Where are you? (T1). “In 1971, a plane hijacker parachutes out with a bag of stolen money…and walks away. Decades later, his identity remains a mystery.”
  • Dave Chappelle: What’s in a Name? “Dave Chappelle returns to the prestigious high school he attended and talks about the origin of his humor, his rise to fame, and why an artist should never play by the rules.”
  • my daughter’s killer. “A father fights for years to bring his daughter’s killer to justice in France and Germany before taking extreme measures. A true crime documentary.”
  • The great magic show. “A magician who is not interested in soccer must get the local team of his small town to the final of a tournament if he wants to marry the love of his life.”
  • Farzar (T1). “Prince Token, who lives on a human colony on an alien world, swears to rid the planet of all evil. But he finds out that his father is the biggest villain there is.”
  • Mom, seriously? (T1). “After the death of her husband, a 60-year-old mother decides to go out in search of love once again… much to the joy and outrage of her two daughters. Based on a true story.”
  • Muaythai: Extreme sport (T1). “This drama inspired by true events exposes the seedy underworld surrounding Thai boxing, once honorable and now tainted by illegal gambling and match-fixing.”
  • Never Stop Dreaming: The Life and Legacy of Simon Peres. “In politics, the majority wants power. He was after peace. The influence and integrity of Shimon Peres were decisive in the founding and preservation of Israel.”
  • Persuasion. “Eight years after being persuaded to turn him down, Anne Elliot is reunited with her handsome and humble suitor. Will she know how to take advantage of this second chance? »
  • by jojo. “When her best friend Jojo falls in love with her and leaves behind their wild love affairs together in Berlin, Paula goes out of her way to boycott her wedding.”
  • Second marriages and longings (T1). “A woman plans her revenge against the Machiavellian lover of her ex-husband through a very exclusive marriage agency at the service of the richest.”
  • tuning (T3). “In a world of music, drugs and religion, three young men from the same São Paulo favela pursue their dreams while trying to maintain their friendship.”
  • Trunk goes! (T2). “A pragmatic lumberjack and his trusty crew brave harsh weather and troublesome machinery to harvest and transport high-value lumber on Vancouver Island.”
  • A queen in her land (T1). “An event planner from Nairobi returns to her town after a ten-year absence. There she confronts her past and a mining company that intends to destroy her home. »
  • Woo, lawyer extraordinaire (T1). “Woo Young-woo, a brilliant lawyer with autism, grapples with the challenges of everyday life and the courts when she joins a top law firm.”

Enter catalog:

  • Sunrise
  • Anton
  • by volume
  • isolated
  • The skin of the orso
  • Malnazidos
  • Another twist
  • Pieniä suuria valheita
  • Sasvim lycno
  • Sorry to Bother You
  • Summits of My Life: Let Me Live
  • Sunny Bunnies (T5)
  • The Lancaster at War
  • To inside kai i kounia
  • Undercover Egypt
  • Utoler

We continue with Amazon Prime Video, which brings a bit of everything, but not very well matched. The most outstanding, Don’t Make Me Go, although the criticism is not leaving it in a good place; and what enters the catalogue, including the new screambut not only.

More exclusive content:

  • Don’t Make Me Go. “It tells the story of a single father and his reluctant teenage daughter as they embark on an unforgettable journey across the country, discovering new levels in their relationship and the unexpected twists and turns that life will bring.”
  • James May – Our man in… (T2). “James May has a mission to fulfill in Italy: to know the history, the culture, the landscapes, the industry and the people of this great country. ( Can a clumsy middle-aged Brit discover the secrets of the ‘dolce vita’?
  • Juan Lebrón: the evolution of paddle tennis. «Juan Lebrón is the first Spaniard to reach number 1 in the world in paddle tennis. His passion for this sport began when he was just a child. »
  • It’s Always Summer: Hamptons (T1). “Avery, Frankie, Habtamu, Reid, Emelye, Hunter and Juliet, residents of the Hamptons, intend to have the best summer of their lives, but things change when Ilan, a newcomer from the city, moves there for the summer. .»

Enter catalog:

  • Albert
  • All I Can Say
  • death hunt
  • Friend circle
  • Dinosaur World
  • Let me out
  • The blackout
  • the naive savage
  • The Budapest Doctor
  • This dead man is very much alive
  • FIST Symbol of strength
  • Gundala
  • Haikyuu!! (T1)
  • inseparable
  • the great war
  • The importance of being Ernesto
  • The rebellion of the machines
  • The Furies
  • The Anderssons Road Movie
  • The Anderssons in the snow
  • Max Reload and Abyssal Blasters
  • Nightmare Cinema
  • predators
  • prisoners of the sky
  • Scream (2022)
  • shirley
  • The Closet
  • El padre
  • The Purge: The Night of the Beasts
  • The Rookies
  • they are coming
  • yummy

HBO Max is still in a state of contingency and there is not much to scratch. Meanwhile, blade runner 2049 sounds quite appetizing. Great sequel, whatever is said.

More exclusive content:

  • Edge of the Earth (T1). “A documentary series that follows athletes and adventurers as they attempt unprecedented feats in remote and often dangerous destinations around the world.”
  • the anarchists (T1). «An anarchist community emigrates to Acapulco (Mexico) to flee from the powers of nations and banks. The movement grows, but wealth, conflicts, drugs and murders end up distorting the search for a stateless life.»
  • Who’s By Your Side (T1). “Zeng Yung-Jie and Zeng Yung-Chi are sisters. Yung-Jie is sweet and kind. Yung-Chi gives everything for love. Their marriages are the envy of all, but a series of misfortunes make their lives fall apart.

Enter catalog:

  • Batman: The LEGO Movie
  • blade runner 2049
  • Cake
  • carol
  • Shadowhunters city of bone
  • Corpus Christi
  • crossing the limit
  • The Immortal: A Gomorrah Movie
  • The year we stopped playing
  • Happy Feet
  • Happy Feet 2
  • Intergalactic (T1)
  • jackie
  • Lucy the Human Chimp
  • hidden businesses
  • Yves Saint-Laurent

And we finish the review with Disney +, which also premieres its little things, although removing the movie from Bob’s Burgersfor those who like it, the rest is very for all audiences how to pay attention. And it’s not that it’s bad per se

More exclusive content:

  • Bob’s Burgers: The Movie. “A broken pipe creates a sinkhole in front of the burger joint, blocking the entrance and ruining the Belchers’ summer plans…”
  • Harmonious Live!. “In ‘Harmonious Live!’, EPCOT’s new nighttime show and one of the biggest nighttime shows in Disney Parks history, jump from the stage to your screen.”
  • Dads on request (T1). “California, a thirteen-year-old girl, together with her adoptive parents, begins a journey from Mexico City to Zacatecas to reunite with her mother whom she has not heard from for nine years.”

Enter catalog:

  • grandparents to power
  • Anita Director’s Cut (T1)
  • Atlanta (T3)
  • kisses and omens
  • DarkMoney
  • dark money (T1)
  • Fernando Nation
  • Filipa’s Notebooks (T1-T2)
  • LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars
  • Lolo
  • Long Gone Summer
  • O da Joana (T1)
  • Silly Little Game
  • Polar Opposites (T3)

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