Vodafone and Microsoft join forces to drive the digital transformation of SMEs in Europe

Vodafone and Microsoft have decided to join for facilitate digital transformation for small and medium-sized companies in Europe. To this end, they have signed an agreement, lasting five years, with which they seek to help SMEs from various sectors and verticals in Europe to adopt the latest technological innovations that help them in their advancement and growth. Most of the novelties that both companies seek to provide will focus on hybrid work, as many companies around the world, and of all sectors and sizes, are opting for more flexible work practices.

Microsoft will offer Vodafone Business customers, as part of the agreement, based on an existing collaboration, its complete cloud software suite, with Microsoft 365, Teams Phone System and Microsoft Azure. It will do so with the goal that these companies can boost productivity and connectivity, no matter where their employees work from.

In addition, Vodafone and Microsoft will collaborate in offering new services in various areas, such as Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and the Internet of Things. The two companies also want to work together in other areas, such as mixed reality or the combination of Vodafone Business’ dedicated edge computing services with Microsoft software and the HoloLens 2 headset to help drive initial training and education in Business. The new services that will come out of this agreement for Vodafone Business customers are already available in Europe.

Mark Allinson, Director of Development and Strategy at Vodafone Business, has highlighted in this agreement that «Businesses need networks, cloud and security to work in concert to achieve true digitization. In collaboration with Microsoft, we provide solutions that can be quickly deployed and easily managed in support of new ways of working and continuous improvement of business processes. This is one more example of Vodafone’s intention to lead SMEs and platform-based businesses«.

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