Vodafone promotes young talent at the Malaga Tech Talent Event

Vodafone continues betting on Malaga to promote innovation and talent. The company has already hired 200 employees of the more than 600 direct and highly qualified jobs planned since the opening of its Vodafone Innovation Hub in the capital of the Costa del Sol on January 31st.

In line with its purpose of turning Malaga into a focus of digital talent, the European operator has organized the “Malaga Tech Talent Event” to incorporate young people who have recently graduated from university or FP and enhance their professional development in cutting-edge projects and technologies at a global level.

During a day, more than 100 young people they met with exciting challenges and challenges of programming and problem solving to apply for more than 30 jobs that are available. The event, organized by Kaiju Group, was held at La Fábrica del Videojuego in Malaga on October 20.

Candidates can access the prior selection process from here: Vodafone Innovation Hub – La Fabrica del Videojuego

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Vodafone Innovation Hub

The purpose of the European R&D Center in Malaga is to accelerate the digital transition with the creation of products and services of the future. This hub of international talent is specialized in the development of new technological solutions and innovative digital services based on unified communications, IoT (Internet of Things), Edge Computing, MPN (Mobile Private Network) and OpenRAN (the standard for open and interoperable networks ).

It also manages the commercial operations of the Vodafone Group and business clients in 11 countries, taking advantage of the operator’s technology, experience and global scale.

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