Vodafone will hire 7,000 software engineers in Europe by 2025

Vodafone will hire 7,000 software engineers to its staff in Europe by 2025, as part of the acceleration of its transition from a conventional telecommunications provider to a technology company. The company, which has already indicated several times that it wants to be more than a mere connectivity provider, believes that with its investments in fiber, 5G, digital platforms and the Internet of Things, it will have more opportunities to offer more innovative services with which to provide customers, and therefore generate more income.

In addition to hiring qualified and specialized personnel, Vodafone will accelerate the deployment and development of these products, and therefore will reduce its dependence on foreign aid and companies. In addition, you will have the intellectual property of everything you develop. But to achieve this, it will not be enough to hire the thousands of engineers that you plan, since you will also have to improve the skills and training of your current workforce. You will also have to abandon outsourcing certain projects.

In any case, the new software engineers who join the company will do so in its Vodafone Technology division, which will offer service to various markets and will focus on fields such as the Internet of Things, smart grids or cybersecurity. To do this, it will create products and services that will help in the transformation of Vodafone, or that can be marketed.

The company has also implemented a technical career plan, designed to develop the skills of technical experts, as well as to help them in their careers so that they can rise to high-level positions in the company.

Johan Wiberg, CTO of the Vodafone Group, has highlighted that «Vodafone is agilely driving the digital transformation that companies and society are going through. We are developing a global software brand with a diverse and inclusive culture, offering super-fast connectivity and powerful digital products, where and how customers want to use them.«.

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