Volkswagen announces 10 new electric cars by 2026

On LinkedIn, Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer gave an update on the brand’s electric strategy for the years to come. As well as promising cheaper electric cars, the boss announced the launch of ten new electric models by 2026. Among them will be an SUV version of the ID.3.

For a few years now, the successive leaders of the Volkswagen brand have got into the habit of communicating not on Twitter, but on LinkedIn, the social network dedicated to professionals. It was through this that Herbert Diess, CEO of VW until September 1, 2022, announced the reduction of the charging time under 30 minutes for ID.3 and ID.4.

However, it is now the turn of Thomas Schäfer, the new big boss, to speak on LinkedIn. In this post, the manager revealed some details on the strategy of the manufacturer concerning the electric in particular. First, he announced that Volkswagen had set itself the goal of manufacture only electric cars in Europe by 2033 at the latest.

The idea here is obviously to be ready for the entry into force of the law passed by the European Union which provides for the ban on the sale of thermal cars from 2035. At the same time, Thomas Schäfer confirms VW’s desire to to intensify the production of electric cars, with no less than 10 new models planned by 2026.

10 new electric cars by 2026, including an ID.3 SUV

Our new entry-level e-car will come in two flavors – as a small car and as a sporty crossover variant. Also, we plan to create a compact SUV based on the ID.3″, writes the CEO.

Yes, you read that right, Volkswagen has in its boxes an SUV based on the ID.3, its 100% electric compact city car. We suspect that this version should be based on the current MEB platform and that it will be equipped with the same battery kits up to 77 kWh capacity. In addition, the boss therefore mentioned a new entry-level vehicle, available both as a compact city car and as a sports crossover. Unfortunately, no further details at this time.

In addition, Thomas Schäfer explains that Volkswagen is currently pooling the production capacities and proprietary technologies of the group’s various brands such as Audi or Seat/Cupra. This resulted in savings of 200 million euros in production plants Brand Group in 2022. As a reminder, Volkswagen announced in April 2022 that it intended to build more than 8,000 charging stations in Europe by 2024, further proof of the brand’s interest in electric vehicles.

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