Volkswagen has found an original way to reuse old ID.3 batteries

Volkswagen has found an original way to reuse old ID.3 and ID.4 batteries. Indeed, the German manufacturer launched on the Zwickau site the very first energy storage container (PSC) composed of 96 cellular modules. In total, the PSC has a capacity of 570 kWh.

Credits: Volkswagen

Some players in the automotive industry are trying to innovate as best they can in the field of charging. On the market, some initiatives stand out, such as the Nio group, which offers the exchange and rental of electric batteries for cars, for example.

The question of reusing and recycling end-of-life batteries is also at the heart of the process. And precisely, Volkswagen announced a few days ago the launch of the first battery energy storage unit in its factory in Zwickau, in Germany. This energy storage container (or PSC) is composed of 96 SEM cell modules from pre-production models of the VW ID.3 and ID.4.

Volkswagen has found a way to reuse end-of-life batteries

A practical, profitable and useful case to allow cellular modules at the end of their life to have a second life”. This is how Karen Kutzner, Chief Financial Officer of Volkswagen Saxony, sums up the project.

In addition to offering a net capacity of 570 kWh, the PCS has the advantage of being a fast charging infrastructure that can be built anywhere, even in places with low power grid capacities. One thinks in particular of residential areas which only offer recharging in alternating current of 11 or 22 kW.

As a large battery storage unit, the PSC offers a cost effective alternative to a transformer. It makes it possible to supply large amounts of energy in a short time without overloading the electrical network. Another benefit is that temporary energy storage avoids the high baseline costs that would otherwise be incurred during standby operation, even when no vehicle is charging.” explains the builder.

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Up to 8 cars simultaneously

The brand specifies that this PCS is composed of four charging stations with an output of 150 kW each, which can also be divided into two powers of 75 kW. In other words, it means that up to 8 vehicles can be charged at the same time on one and the same PSC. Regarding the electricity, it comes, among other things, from an adjacent photovoltaic installation. Fact, all vehicles are recharged using 100% renewable energy.

By the end of the year, Volkswagen plans to add three additional PCS to the factory site. Impossible to know at the moment if the manufacturer intends to democratize this promising technology.

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