Volvo boosts the performance and range of its electric cars

Volvo has just offered the XC40 and C40, its two electric cars available on the French market, a substantial increase in their range and performance. We explain everything to you in detail.

Credits: Volvo

As you may know, Volvo has chosen to go 100% electric like many manufacturers. In France, the Swedish brand has been offering hybrid or 100% electric models exclusively since September 2022.

For now, the manufacturer’s electric range consists of two vehicles, namely the XC40 and C40 Recharge SUVs. Of course, the offer will soon expand with the launch of the EX90, considered by the brand itself as its most secure car ever built.

Waiting, Volvo has decided to revise the performance and range of its two existing models upwards.. As revealed by our colleagues from the specialized site Coach, the XC4O and the C40 Recharge benefit from some technical improvements. First of all, the manufacturer has made changes to the traction chain on the single-engine version of the two SUVs, which for once becomes a propulsion.

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100 km more range for the Volvo XC40 and C40

Thanks to this modification, the XC40 and C40 Recharge gain around a hundred kilometers of autonomy. More precisely, the XC40 can now travel between 500 and 515 km in the WLTP combined cycle, compared to approximately 434 km on the previous version. As for the C40 Recharge, it can now drive between 507 and 533 kilometers before going through the recharging box, against 449 km before. Regarding the Recharge Twin version (two engines), it retains its four-wheel drive configuration.

However, this version available on both vehicles benefits from a higher recharge rate, from 150 kW to 200 kW. In fact, users can save 10 minutes on charging time from 10% to 80%, now completed in just 27 minutes. This corresponds to the charging time of standard models equipped with more modest batteries and equipped with a charging speed of 150 kW.

Otherwise, the Twin Recharge will receive a new 82 kWh battery instead of 78 kWh, as well as two new electric motors of 180 kW at the front (245 hp approximately) and 120 kW at the rear (136 hp approximately). Until then, the two motors developed a power of 150 kW each. Note that the overall power remains the same: around 408 hp. According to Autocar, delivery of the new Recharge Twin models is expected to begin in May 2023. As for the new variants with a single engine, they will be launched next fall.

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