Volvo will now remotely update all its electric and hybrid vehicles

Volvo announces that updates for all its hybrid and electric vehicles will be easier and faster. Indeed, the manufacturer will now deploy the files directly in OTA (Over The Air). But not all countries are affected yet. The next update will bring Android 11 along with new app categories. Video streaming will also be added.

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Credit: Volvo

Tesla revolutionized the automotive world. Not just by creating technology-packed electric cars capable of making the vehicle almost autonomous. There are also other elements of the ecosystem that have evolved since Elon Musk’s firm arrived. One of them the extremely complete computer that fully manages the car.

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This on-board computer is obviously used to turn on its services when you need them, but also to “subscribe” to others. This is for example the case of the fully autonomous driving, which Tesla continues to improve through regular updates. Like smartphones, computers and televisions, a car can receive updates to fine-tune the system and bring new services.

Updates will come remotely to Volvo’s electric and hybrid cars

Still need to install the update on the car. This still too often requires immobilizing the vehicle or taking it to a dealership to apply the file. Here too Tesla has led competitors to rethink their management of updates. And it’s happening today with Volvo. The Swedish manufacturer announces that all of its hybrid vehicles will be able to receive OTA updates, as is already the case with its fully electric models. An announcement that concerns 34 countries.

The XC90, S60 and V60 are affected by this change. And the first OTA updates have already started to be rolled out to 190,000 vehicles. This update is very important, since it brings a version ofAndroid Auto based on Android 11 (the latest for Google’s embedded operating system). This update improves the search for new applications, energy management (including improving battery heat) and the information displayed. Volvo promises other new features to come thanks to these OTA updates, in particular the arrival of streaming services for passengers.

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