Vuzix teams up with Verizon for the future of augmented reality glasses

Several years have passed since the very moment we received the first news from Vuzix, which is positioning itself as a new major player in the field of augmented reality technologies. But if you are not in the know, then at the beginning of 2019, the above-named company released its first pair of branded smart glasses, ready for full-fledged commercial distribution. And over the past two years, the aforementioned manufacturer, by the way, has remained relatively quiet, not attracting any attention to itself.

However, now the company decided to remind about itself, and it did it in an extremely interesting and very surprising way – it announced that it is now cooperating with a company like Verizon. Unfortunately, the two of these giants have so far decided not to share any details regarding their cooperation. But be that as it may, what they still decided to tell us about is that by joint efforts they plan to find ways to commercialize augmented reality technologies so that they can be widely used in sports and gaming scenarios, especially in those related to the need to train people for specific goals and objectives.

It is also now reliably known that the fresh partnership will combine the new Vuzix Shield smart glasses with the capabilities of the Verizon 5G network. Be that as it may, at the moment it is very difficult to say whether we will see anything significant that can grow out of this agreement, but in any case, it is not at all surprising that Verizon has decided to be much more active in the development and commercialization of technologies. augmented reality. Wearable augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices have consistently been positioned as some of the main beneficiaries of the speed and latency improvements promised by 5G networks. And these same networks are provided by the aforementioned telecommunications giant.

Likewise, it is not surprising that the companies are going to devote a fair amount of attention to both games and sports as part of their cooperation. Some of the first places where Verizon provided 5G services, if you were not aware, were in the NFL stadiums. This is one of the few locations where the operator’s mmWave systems are deployed, as this is where there is enough user density to justify building their “small cells” needed to cover even a small area with ultra-fast 5G coverage.

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