W3volution is born, ambassador platform of Web 3.0 and the Blockchain ecosystem

With the purpose of bring Web 3.0 closer to society and industryis born the w3volution platform, a startup that makes a multi-format commitment developing three lines of activity: content creation, community and demand activation, and meetings and transformation consultancy. Its activity will include training reports, workshops, events and conferences, among other actions.

The project started last summer and aims to follow the news of the entire ecosystem related to Web 3.0 and the Blockchain, as well as the metaverse, crypto assets and fintech. Also help society and the community understand the ins and outs of these new environments, facilitating access to detailed information on the different aspects of its ecosystem.

W3volution is led by Ferran Claver, its Business Development Director, as well as one of its founders. It has a team of collaborators with a perspective of growing progressively. Despite having been consolidated recently, the platform has an Advisory Council made up of renowned shareholders from the Blockchain community environment. Among them are the Director of Banco Santander Belén Romana; Fernando Claver, President of TPNET; Javier Pérez Cortijo, Director of TPNET; and Antonio Fernández Galiano, Former President of the Editorial Unit.

The regulation related to cryptoactives, both in Spain and in Europe, is one of the focuses in which W3volution is putting more effort in its first steps. This was reflected in the first meeting held by the company, Blockchain & Regulation Forum. It was attended by Belén Romana, Director of Banco Santander, and Diego Villafáñez, State Economist and Crypto Assets Advisor at the Ministry of Economy.

Ferrán Claver underlines this platform that «W3volution is an ambitious project with which we intend to offer all the necessary information about these new decentralized environments that, and no one doubts, are one of the keys to the future, both for society and for the business fabric. A future that is already much closer than we think. Of course, there are obstacles in the way, related to issues as fundamental as security and regulation. Therefore, our goal is to help break down all these barriers through multiple initiatives. We do not want to be mere witnesses to this spiral of vertiginous changes, but rather go much further. Contribute to connect industries, promote, promulgate… in short, bring all this technology and its wide range of possibilities closer to citizens, companies and organizations, making agility and current affairs our hallmark”.

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