Wages remain at record highs in the tech sector

Not only are they maintained, but wages in the technology sector continue to rise. At least this is what the latest report developed by concludes, which states that the salaries of technology professionals remain in 2022 at historical highs. Furthermore, the report highlights the impact that teleworking is having and in this sense, ensures that in many cases the wages that remote workers are receiving exceed “local wages” in most markets.

The report endorses the high demand that these types of professionals are experiencing in practically all markets, including the Spanish one. In fact, last week we told you that at the moment in our country there is an employability rate of 40,000 vacancies just in the area of ​​software development. Similarly, the report «State of the labor market in Spain 2021» prepared by InfoJobs, indicates that in recent months almost 200,000 jobs have been registered by companies that were looking for this type of professional profile to incorporate it into their teams.

Returning to the report developed by, salaries in this sector increased worldwide in practically all roles, except product management. The ones that did it the most were, to the surprise of almost no one, those related to different engineering, both software development and the management of hybrid or cybersecurity environments.

An exceptional situation

This scenario of high salaries is justified in part by the exceptional situation that we have experienced in the last two years, which has added the pandemic caused by COVID-19, with a “great resignation” that has led thousands of professionals to abandon their jobs.

This, together with the acceleration in the digital transformation processes that companies have undergone in recent months, have put ICT professionals in a position of strength and companies in a “fierce struggle” to attract and retain the best talent.

However, as the situation stabilizes and in an international context of maximum uncertainty such as the current one, the tables could turn again. Thus, the Hired survey data reveals that 27% of respondents believe that the power in the hiring process will return to companies in the next 6 months.

While this is happening, the candidates continue to maintain the “sauce pan for the handle” for the time being, and are willing to leave their current position without too many considerations in search of better paid job opportunities. In this sense, 57% of those surveyed say they plan to look for a new job in the coming months, while 22% are already in an active search process.

Finally, it is worth highlighting how remote work is also representing, in salary terms, one of the biggest changes in corporate culture in recent decades. And here the data shows how companies of all sizes are likely to consider candidates from different geographical regions, while those who apply for a position, give preference to those companies that offer the possibility of working remotely. The consequence is that salaries are also rising here and, on average, professionals who work from home are seeing how their payroll has increased by around 3,000 euros per year compared to the previous year for this type of position.

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