Wait, wait, wait… 2,000 euros for a Z690 motherboard?

Did you think that the GPU market was the only one that was crazy about prices? In the now typical and comical “hold my cubata”, motherboard manufacturers are going to enter to compete for the most absurd price possible, at least according to those that have leaked into some of the ASUS motherboards.

Z690 motherboard prices, 2,000 euros?

The foregoing reveals that once again ASUS will mark the way forward in motherboards, both in technology and prices. The revealed shows 19 motherboards among the range Prime (6 models), YOU F (It is surprising to see only 2 models), ProArt (single plate) and ROG (10 models).

The range starts with the PRIME Z690M-PLUS D4, a board that is more than basic for any task and employs DDR4 under its belt. In addition, it comes in M-ATX format, having the award among all the models presented, since the rest of the boards are ATX or E-ATX.

This more compact and lower-end plate is already by the 218 euros, setting a precedent for where prices are going to go not only in this brand. From there, the climb is progressive: 233, 249, 259, 271, 296, 310 and 322 euros, but… The ROG range is arriving and we have the first big price jump that already triggers the rest.

The ROG range becomes unaffordable for price


And it is that we went from 322 euros to 352 euros for the G Gaming Wi-Fi version, from there to 371 for the only ROG board with DDR4 within class A. Justified? In the first place it does not seem so, since the TUF D4 and the A D4 seem to be really similar in performance and specifications.

If it is already difficult to justify this jump, the next one until the 438 euros For an ITX board it is awesome, because the board itself is an evolution of the Z590-I Gaming with hardly any real improvements and from that price it is already a sector not accessible to most.

We went up to 486 euros for the F Gaming Wi-Fi, the board that is supposed to be the best seller in terms of its performance and price ratio. But if this already seems absurd to us, E Gaming is about to 584 euros and the rest is nonsense with the Hero range for 608 euros, APEX by 669 euros, FORMULA in 730 and Extreme by € 1,095 To the change.


Special mention for the EXTREM GLACIAL, which integrates the same PCB as the EXTREME with a new cover and a full block signed by EK, which goes up to 1,947 euros, being the most expensive ASUS motherboard ever. The clearer question is how do you plan to justify these prices on Z690 motherboards? Logistics, price of materials or design? All at the same time? Where is the limit? Place your bets and fasten your seat belts.

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