Wakanda Forever: First look at Dominique Torne’s Riri Williams

As revealed last week, Dominique Thorne will debut in Wakanda Forever in the role of Riri Williams and some photos stolen from the set confirm the presence of the young actress in Black Panther 2.

Before being the star of the Disney Plus series Ironheart, Dominique Thorne will arrive at the cinema in the role of Riri Williams in Wakanda Forever, next to Letitia Wright (Shuri) e Danai Gurira (Okoie).

Photos from the set of Wakanda Forever show Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing a number of new heroes that will be critical in dealing with post threats Avengers: Endgame. Characters like Shang Chi and the Eternals will have their own dedicated feature films, while others like Moon Knight and Miss Marvel will star in series coming to Disney Plus. Ironheart, which will present the story of Riri Williams and her ability to create armor similar to that of Tony Stark.

As announced a week ago and confirmed by the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, Dominique Thorne will debut in Wakanda Forever before starring in his series, and some photos from the set of Black Panther 2 show the actress as Riri Williams.

The photos taken at Dominique Thorne show the girl walking, wearing jeans and a gray Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) T-shirt, probably walking around the institute’s campus.

As well as in comics, also in Wakanda Forever the story linked to Riri’s attendance at MIT has been maintained, which brings her closer to Tony Stark and to her September Foundation, with the possibility that the young student is among the beneficiaries of the grant issued by Stark.

THE Marvel Studios, with this slow introduction of the character, they could give Riri the right space to introduce herself to the public, and then deepen or continue her story through the Ironheart series.

Meanwhile, the filming of Black Panther 2 continue and maybe some future photos from the set will already show us the armor designed by Riri Williams in preview, given that for the release of Wakanda Forever we will have to wait until July next year.

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