Want one of Intel’s new GPUs? Go preparing the portfolio

There are still a few months left for the official launch and therefore it is too early to talk about how much it will cost us buyers of the first generation of GPU Gaming for PC by the blue brand after more than twenty years after its failed i740 at the end of The 90’s. However, the first information about the price of the Intel ARC Alchemist, and is that if they are real .. Prepare the portfolio.

Believe it or not, the price is a good way to measure the performance of a graphics card, since PC video game fans want to play their titles with the highest fidelity and frame rate possible at the lowest price. If a graphics card does not achieve the expected performance against another it becomes ordinally worse in the minds of the community and cannot justify costing the public the same.

What would be the price of GPU ARC Alchemist?

Intel has opened a contest on its website called Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt which consists of raffling several graphics cards for gaming, which will be sent to a number of lucky people who will have them ahead of time. At the moment they have withdrawn the information about the contest, but it has been possible to rescue fragments about the contest prices, where you can read between the lines what the price of the ARC Alchemist could be. Extrapolating the information, what is obtained is that we would have two graphics cards, on the one hand one with a price below the 900 US dollars and the second model would be another that would have a value below 700.

Intel ARC ASCII time range

The most powerful model that Intel has presented so far is the version with 512 EU and we know that there is one with 384, but from what is known in terms of its performance this would compete against the NVIDIA RTX 3070 that has an MSRP of 500 American dollars. To this we must add that Intel would have a faster model in the chamber, so the top of the range not yet presented could be the one that cost $ 900. What makes us think like this? A slide from Intel itself where they make it clear what the price of the first two Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs is.

Taking into account the slide and the contest information, it seems that the value of the extras could go up to $ 200, so the top-of-the-line model could be at $ 700.

Intel is not saved from mining either

One of the things that we have total certainty is that graphics cards are going to go up in price by 2022, the reason for this is that the mining bubble is still strong and it does not seem that it will deflate completely next year, and less if we take into account the release dates of the ARC Alchemist and the RTX 30 SUPER. So not only graphics card builders are going to want to take advantage of it, but also Intel and NVIDIA, although the latter has decided to launch a series of cards for mining and has limited the models for gaming.

Bitcoin mining rigs

Which is not the case of Intel with its ARC Alchemist and this could affect the price of these, officially Intel has not ruled on limiting its graphics cards for mining and it would make sense to give output to its Gaming GPUs if on PC They do not have success. Especially since Raja Koduri’s team has been very focused on performance per watt when it comes to computing since their days at AMD, a very important point for cryptocurrency mining.

We have to see the MSRP that NVIDIA will give you its RTX 30 SUPER to get an idea of ​​where Intel will put the price of its ARC Alchemists. Pat Gelsinger’s are interested in getting off to a good start, but we already know how the market price and the recommended price is no longer the same given the current situation.

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