Warcraft Archlight Rumble debuts with first trailer and unique gameplay

Already during the month of February, Activision Blizzard revealed the shocking news that the Warcraft franchise was preparing its first arrival on mobile phones this year, confirming a few days ago that the wait would be much shorter than expected. And it is that yesterday Warcraft Archlight Rumble was presenteda free game for iOS and Android that reinvents the classic tower defense genre while taking us into the immense universe of this fantasy saga.

Under a combination of strategy game and tower defensethe company itself advanced that «andn Warcraft Archlight Rumble we have been inspired by the games of the ‘tower defense’ genre. However, our game is not really a tower defense game, but our style is to create a title where it is more important to be offensive«. A unique style that we can already see in detail in its first trailer.

So, as we said, Warcraft Archlight Rumble will take place in the vast world of the franchise, offering us a wide variety of games with Up to 60 heroes from Alliance, Horde, Beasts, Blackrock, and Undead factionseach with their own skills and specializations.

On the other hand, as expected, Blizzard omitted the issue of the possible presence of a monetization system in the presentation of the game, although given the large amount of content and the general lines of this franchise, it is most likely that we have the possibility of unlocking some content through micro-payments.

Although the game is not yet available through the official Warcraft Archlight Rumble website, Android users can currently pre-register to add the game through the Google Play Store, waiting for the company to perform some closed beta before its official launch.

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