Warcraft Arclight Rumble is the new mobile game from Blizzard

In a broadcast held this Tuesday (3), Blizzard finally revealed its first mobile game in the Warcraft universe. Called Warcraft Arclight Rumble, the game takes a page from the hit book of competitor Riot Games in the mobile segment to present a fun game that combines the tower defense genre with elements of action, strategy and even RPG.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

In brief, Warcraft Arclight Rumble seems to leverage the strength of Blizzard’s IP and the casual gameplay of Herathstone to offer quick play in a world where collectible Warcraft miniatures come to life and face off in frantic one-on-one battles.

The studio, however, seems not to be content with just contributing to the tower defense genre and brings a plethora of features, game modes and new features to the category. The more than 70 maps created for the game, for example, are not limited to being a traditional battlefield, they offer interactive elements, bosses that appear by surprise and multiple levels on the same screen.

You can also team up with friends or join a guild full of other players to take on fixed and weekly challenges in Warcraft Arclight Rumble, just like in World of Warcraft.

Image: Blizzard

In the same way as the classic MMORPG, by the way, the new mobile game from Blizzard offers several adventure modes, including Conquest, Dungeons, Raids, Cooperative and PvP. It is possible to use different combinations of Leaders and miniatures to defeat more hairy opponents or simply to replay some maps and achievements for more rewards.

All units from factions such as Alliance, Horde, Beasts, Blackrock, and Undead have unique abilities that can be enhanced with experience and resources, greatly expanding your strategy, offense, and defense options in Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

I want to play, how do I?

Warcraft Arclight Rumble It’s not yet available to the general public, but during the announcement broadcast, developers at Blizzard promised that a Closed Beta of the game will be offered very soon to players in some of the regions the company already operates in today.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Image: Blizzard

You can try to be part of this trial period by performing a subscription via or by pre-registering directly on the Google Play Store if you are an Android device user. A version of the game for iPhones and iPads is already confirmed, but there is still no link to reserve the game on iOS within the App Store.

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