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why did it fail Warcraft: The Origin?

The first Warcraft movie was produced by Legendary Pictures, Atlas Entertainment and Blizzard itself. It cost 160 million dollars, and, despite the fact that on the Internet it is said that it was a failure, the truth is that grossed $439 million total. Warcraft: The Origin It was the highest grossing production of a video game to the cinema as of 2016. It even surpassed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. However, at the end of the post you will understand why it was seen as a failure, and why now it seems that the project is going to be resumed. But let’s not anticipate events.

Although the numbers did work out in the long run, the movie didn’t pan out that well. A film of this type has the difficult mission of uniting two audiences very different: those who are absolute fans of the video game and those who do not know anything about the saga. Unfortunately, Warcraft: The Origin It did not satisfy either of these two parties, especially the American public, which is the one that is usually taken into account when measuring the success of a franchise. The film had generally unfavorable reviews. On websites such as Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, the feature film did not reach the approval of specialized critics. However, on IMDb, the film has a 6.7 out of 10, which invites us to think that the film is not as bad as many people make it out to be.

According to some critics, the fault with this production is really in the screenplay, which was the work of Charles Leavitt and director Duncan Jones himself. According to what they say, they sinned by making a adaptation too faithful to the video game. This phenomenon comes to produce the opposite effect to that desired, as some people consider that the work looks ridiculous.

However, the reviews on IMDb give quite relevant information. Most likely, the premiere of Warcraft: The Origin completely dominated by expectations. Many expected to see a work of the stature of The Lord of the Rings in the cinema, and, evidently, the Warcraft movie fell far short of those standards. Whether or not this is the reason for its failure, the truth is that professional critics from around the world destroyed the film with a blow.

What films were going to make up the trilogy

These are the movies in order who were going to be part of the project.

Warcraft 2

Thrall warcraft.jpg

Although it never had a title, Duncan Jones himself has always referred to this hypothetical film with this name. Warcraft 2 could have been the second part and its story would revolve, in the words of the director, around Go’el. This is a young orc slave trapped in a blackmoore gladiator camp.

This second part contradicts the history of this character, his release and his journey in search of his people. An adventure in search of a different life, although with many interruptions in its objective. For many Warcraft fans, this bow, also known as thrallwould have excited fans of the video game, as it is one of the most brilliant stories of the entire saga.

warcraft 3

Orgrimmar warcraft.

Duncan Jones was so sure his project would be a hit that he dropped a lot of details about his sequel. For that reason, we know those details about that second movie that never made it to production.

The third installment would put end to the trilogyand would have narrated the liberation of the orcs. This story would tell the exodus of this civilization across the ocean to Kalimdor, where they would found the city of Orgrimmar. The trilogy, therefore, would have narrated the complete story of how the orcs lose their native home and the entire process they undergo until they can inaugurate a new home, safe and without the threat of new invaders.

Will Warcraft return to theaters at some point?

For years, all seemed lost. Duncan Jones was singled out as the bad guy in the film, and the cause of a resounding flop. And it is that, originally, Warcraft: The Origin yes it was a failure. In the United States, the film grossed only 48 million dollars, a pittance that was offset when the film was released in theaters around the world.

Starting in 2019, the film industry began to see the potential of China when it comes to making their productions profitable. Any production already raises more money in the Asian giant than in its native country. This reason is more than enough for Legendary Pictures has given the green light to resume the project.

For now, we do not know anything about that new film, although the news broke at the beginning of the year 2021. Duncan Jones himself has offered to direct this new installment, and it is possible that at this point he is working on the production.

WARCRAFT: THE ORIGIN not only narrates the conflict between two civilizations of orcs. It also narrates the confrontation between critics and viewers. While professionals believe that the feature film is unbelievable, Netflix data reveals that the film is well received by the general public. Therefore, if you have not yet seen this film, we invite you to take a look at it and draw your own conclusions, because here, nobody agrees on whether we are facing a good or bad film.

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