Warner Bros. Discovery advances the merger of HBO Max and Discovery +

Neither the name nor the definitive form in which HBOMax and Discovery+ They will merge into a single service, but Warner Bros Discovery – that is the name of the entity resulting from the business merger, which is another one – has readjusted its plans to advance the premiere of the platform, at least in the United States.

The news comes to mind that Warner Bros. Discovery has presented its fiscal data for the third quarter of the year and, following the trend, they are not good. But not only because of the specific situation of the company, but also because the VOD sector in general is not going through a good time, if it ever was. As an example, the losses of the recently formulated Lionsgate +, before Starz, whose disappearance is already scheduled.

Going back to Warner Bros. Discovery, it is at times like these – the presentation of results – that announcements with impetus and ambition are usually best received and they have done so, advancing the launch date of the new service that will replace HBO Max and Discovery+, combining them in turn: if it was expected for next summer, will arrive in spring. At least to the United States, it bears repeating.

However, if they advance their launch there, it is likely that they will also do so in the rest of the territories in which one or both services operate. So the same thing is in 2023 when the merger of HBO Max and Discovery + also materializes on this side of the pond, and not in 2024, as has been indicated until now.

Beyond this advance, everything that the company has worked to reiterate with the purpose of satisfying or at least calming its shareholders was known. For example, that the final service will raise its price, although they have not specified anything about it either. The question is how much will it rise, of course; and if they will respect the launch offers that users have accepted here in Europe.

But that’s not all at Warner Bros. Discovery, which continues fastening his belt and after the cancellations of recent months, two more have just been made that affect film and television production, in addition, with two prominent names such as fantastic animals Y Westworld. The tour of both is over, yes.

Warner Bros. Discovery ends the saga based on the Harry Potter universe after three films that have gone from bad to worse both in revenue and in ratings and, in a different way, they will do the same with Westworld, a high-flying sci-fi drama that has had its ups and downs, but remained well-received. Not enough for what it costs, they will have thought of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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