Warner Bros. Mistakes Reunion Episode

During the Harry Potter special, Warner Bros confuses Emma Watson with another famous actress who has the same first name. The error was spotted by a fan.

This 1er January, Harry Potter fans were able to start the year with a very special broadcast, which took them back 20 years. On Salto, they were able to discover the special Harry Potter episode, bringing together the main actors of the film saga, who discussed their journey, and how this extraordinary adventure changed their lives. However, Warner Bros made a big mistake during this episode, which was spotted by a watchful fan.

Among the pre-recorded reunion sequences, the studio which owns the cinematographic rights to the saga has slipped many videos and other photos of the shootings, from the private life of the actors, which includes their childhood. At one point, the production dared to show a photo of Emma… not Watson. While Warner Bros. thought it was Hermione Granger’s interpreter, it was actually Emma Roberts!

On Twitter, the fan explains that this photo, showing a little girl, was posted by actress Emma Roberts on her Instagram account in 2012. While this error seems very big, it has nevertheless gone unnoticed by many people, including obviously the production script. Indeed, it is the person in charge of checking for false connections or inconsistencies in a production of this kind. For the moment, the actress has not yet reacted to this little blunder of the episode.

Positive reactions to nostalgia

Following the episode’s first broadcast, on HBO Max for Americans and on Salto in France, the reactions of the fans were not long in coming, and many of them were more than positive. On Twitter, the hashtag #ReturnToHogwarts, the name of the episode, has been used time and time again to capture the emotion felt by Potterheads around the world.

As we suspected, JK Rowling, the author of the novels, was not part of the project but could be seen via some archive videos. As for the reasons for its absence, we detail them in this article. For the moment, no broadcast date of the special Harry Potter episode has been revealed for standard television channels, but we suspect that it will be available by later in the year, on TF1 for example. , which broadcasts the entire saga to us as soon as the opportunity arises. Do we watch them every time? You never miss a single movie.

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