Warning: Macs will detect if liquids have been spilled on them.

Apple M3 processor

The new Mac computers with M3 bring a novelty that is likely to be welcomed by all users. We are talking about the possibility of detecting if liquid has been spilled in it. This means that if it has broken down, the technicians will really know the reason why it doesn’t work. Keep in mind that this situation is not covered by Apple’s standard warranty nor by Apple Care. Hence you will have to be very careful.

Liquid detection mode on the Mac: It is not known if it is software or hardware

It has recently been detected that the newly introduced Macs with M3 that have not yet been launched on the market have a new feature. The new liquid detection mode tells repair technicians that liquid has been spilled on the computer and that is why it is not working or its operation is abnormal. Now we can no longer go to the official technical service and wait for it to be repaired without them noticing. Now the Macs are snitches.

We know that The iPad and iPhone have a similar system and that they have an alarm that tells the user that the charging port is wet or humid and that it is not advisable to charge the terminal. In fact, it does not charge and you have to wait for it to dry to start the process. At the moment it is known that this mode on the Mac does not have specific alarms for users but it is useful for specialized personnel.

However, It is not known if this detection mode has arrived via software or hardware. It will be known when the Mac with M3 arrives to users starting next week and with the internal analysis we will see if that witness exists or not.

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