Wartales: announced the new game from the creators of Northgard

Shiro Games, the French independent studio behind the successes Evoland I, II is Northgard, has just announced his new game, Wartales, during the PC Gaming Show.

Wartale, the new game from the creators of Northgard, announced with a trailer

Leaving the colorful Viking lands of the strategy that is still thrilling thousands of players (and from which the Northgard board game was also recently taken), Wartales will offer us an open world tactical role-playing game in which the player leads a group of mercenaries to achieve goals, amass fortunes and embark on increasingly dangerous and thrilling feats. As the group evolves, they will be able to explore the remains of the Edoran Empire, devastated by the Great Plague.

Players will travel through a gigantic world, build their camps, build weapons, feed and pay mercenaries, and fight in a turn-based combat system. As they fight against other enemies, they will steal bounties and grab the title of the most feared mercenaries as they uncover the secrets of this mysterious land.

In the game we will be able to travel through more than 20 regions in search of fame and wealth, fight wild animals or bandits without fear in a tactical turn-based combat system, with deep and innovative mechanics including timeline management; but also accept contracts to defend and save the inhabitants, from peasants to lords, collect materials to create and upgrade weapons and armor or, again, develop our field by adding new services, tools and equipment to increase the morale and efficiency of the group .

Wartales will launch on Steam later this year, with a demo that will be playable during Steam Next Festival from 16 to 22 June. More information about the game can be found on the official page of Steam recently inaugurated.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the Wartales announcement trailer directly below:

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