Was Apple wrong with Intel? The i7-12800H on par with the M1 Max

The Intel Core 12 are the topic of the moment, there is no doubt about that, but the twelfth generation has not yet appeared as processors for laptops, although Intel already has them announced. Well, we already know the performance of the i7-12700H and the i7-12800H through benchmarks and one of them has been compared with the Apple M1 Pro and Max.

One of the peculiarities that the Gen 12 of the Intel Core has is that this time we do not have two disparate architectures for laptops and desktops, but we are going to see the Alder Lake architecture in both. Of course, with different sockets between some versions and others.

We already had information about the existence of the Alder Lake for laptops and the different variations that there will be, but in terms of performance we are interested in the so-called H models, designed for high-end laptops with 28, 45 and 55W consumption. Well, of all of them we finally know the performance of the i7-12700H and the i7-12800H, the supposed star processors of the high range.

The Intel i7-12700H CPU in benchmarks

In the Geekbench 5 database, the performance data of the Intel Core i7-12700H has appeared, a CPU for laptops with Alder Lake architecture composed of 6 high-performance P-Core cores and 8 energy-efficient E-Core cores. As for the multi Thread capacity, it is 20 threads of execution in total.

The tests have been done on an HP Omen 17 laptop, based on a GIGABYTE Aero 5 XE motherboard and the performance they get in Geekbench 5 is 1,340 points in the single-core test and 11,138 for the multi-core test. Are these figures good? Well, under the same benchmark they lose against the Tiger Lake-H and the AMD Ryzen 5000H also for laptops and if we take into account that this benchmark also measures the performance of the cores with ISA ARM then the thing looks blacker for the i7-12700H , since it is far behind the Apple M1 as far as IPC is concerned.

Of course, this has an explanation: CPU-based notebooks like this i7-12700H or i7-12800H are still months away, so the benchmarks may have been made with engineering samples that Hewlett Packard has to prove that the Design and optimization of your notebooks is perfectly understood with the new Intel processors

Also the i7-12800H has been put to the test

The other Intel 12th Gen laptop CPU that has seen its results leaked is the i7-12800H, which achieves a result of 1,654 points in the single thread test on Geekbench 5. The configuration of this CPU? The same as the i7-12700H and therefore 6 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores working in tandem. Its base clock speed? 2.8 GHz and therefore only 100 MHz above the i7-12700, which does not explain the difference of 300 points in that test. To all this we have to add that it is compared core by core with Apple’s M1, breaking the IPC advantage thanks to the wider decoder of the Cupertino processor and we have to take into account that the x86 still have room for improvement in that appearance. In addition, it is not the top of the range, since we are not talking about the Intel i9.

On the other hand, in the multithreaded test we can see how the i7-12800H gets 9,618 points, something that is not explained at all when outside the clock speed both processors are literally symmetrical and in any case the i7-12800H should get a slightly better result than the i7-12700H under the same benchmark.

Since these processors are still on the market for some time and due to the inconsistencies in the performance test results, we are going to quarantine them. In any case, we are left with that manufacturers already have their Intel Core 12 to mount on their gaming laptops and that apparently they will be really competitive, we will see if they are also as efficient as expected.

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