Was there life on Mars? Study says Martian valleys were formed by floods

Further proof that water flowed on Mars is that at least 25% of the Martian valley networks were formed by floods of open gaps, caused in turn by lake overflows; This finding was made by the research scientist of the Institute of Planetary Sciences Alexander Morgan.

Morgan’s study, published in Nature, argues that the Martian surface had long long ago almost 3.5 million years, but at some point they exceeded its edges, which formed the furrows and canyons that are known today; these types of events also occurred on Earth, in what is now known as United States and Central Asia habout 15 thousand years ago.

“We found that at least a quarter of the total volume eroded from the Martian valley networks were carved out by the flooding of the lake breccias. This high number is particularly surprising considering that the valleys formed by the flooding of the breccias of the lakes represent only 3% of the total length of valleys on Mars, “Morgan said.

The water was stable on Mars

The scientist explained that the liquid water had to be stable long enough for the lakes to fill up from the incoming rivers. To reach their conclusions they had to analyze global maps of mars and then they used an algorithm to calculate the eroded volume of the valleys and compared the volume of the overflow canyons.

“Our results show that many Martian valleys are in fact more analogous to catastrophic floods on Earth, such as those that shaped the northwestern United States at the end of the last ice age,” Morgan explained. The expert noted that this study can help. to understand the historic climate change on Mars that made it inhospitable. “It would have been a surprising find if flooding in the lake’s breaches had not been a major factor of erosion in early Mars,” he said.


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