Watch: Chrome improves its password manager, say goodbye to Office and more

Keep in mind that behind the development of this powerful application, as you can imagine, is the giant Google. This is a firm that offers us a multitude of extremely useful programs and platforms. but with everything and with it the vast majority of these are not characterized by the privacy they provide us. This is especially evident when we talk about the aforementioned browser, since it collects much more data from users than we would like.

With everything and with this, the search giant does not stop working so that the security when using its project meets the needs of the majority. This is something that we are going to talk about present in these same lines.

Chrome improves its password manager

And is that now Google is experimenting with an improvement of the password manager in Chrome. Now we can add these passwords manually in the browser. say that this new function would not be useful when saving a new password for a website that we previously visited. Furthermore, this prevents us from storing expired or unusable passwords in the program, something that until now was done automatically.

At the moment this is a feature available only in the Canary version of Chrome. To activate it we have to type chrome: // flags in the address bar. Once we are in the test screen of the program, we just have to look for the entry called Add passwords and put it into operation. Once this is done we will have a new Add button in the section of password export.

Customize Windows 11 to the fullest with this program

Changing third, perhaps many of you already know that, when configuring and customizing Windows in a deeper and easier way, it is best to use third-party software solutions. Here one of the most popular proposals is the program called Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

For a long time, it has offered us a growing number of functionalities belonging to the Microsoft operating system. Likewise, from the program interface we have the possibility to modify and customize all these parameters in a simple way and by adapting Windows to our needs. Well, this is a program that has just been updated to its latest version to be compatible with the new Windows 11. In this way, all those who want to customize both the interface and the functionality, the new system, will be able to do so with this title.

customize windows 11

You won’t have to install Office anymore

At the same time Microsoft just updated Edge with various fixes and performance improvement. With everything and with this, one of the main novelties that we are going to find here, in Edge 96, is the possibility of opening and viewing Office documents directly in this browser.

edge office

With this, what we want to tell you is that once we have the browser running, we can open the Office document in a new tab clicking on supported Office documents. It should be mentioned that it will still be possible to download the files, but in many cases it will no longer be necessary thanks to this new function.

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