Watch out for Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck and the heat

we already have a few days mired in a heat wave that, according to multiple indicators, would have pulverized the marks of the previous maximums, concatenating days with more than forty degrees and torrid nights (above 25 degrees) as if they were churros. Or, as some call it, the season in which the news constantly reminds us to stay hydrated, avoid doing sports in the middle of the day and, if we expose ourselves to the sun, always do so under a good layer of sunscreen.

I recognize that I’ve always wondered to whom such advice is usually directed. Do people forget to drink water in hot weather? Is anyone left to know that the sun burns? And if it’s already hard to go out to the corner store to buy a couple of onions that are needed to prepare food, are there really people who have not taken into account that going for a run on the asphalt, with forty degrees in the shade , It is not a good idea?

And yet, not only do we see that these messages continue to be repeated ad nauseam today, the most striking thing is that, in addition, they extend to new areas in which, once again, common sense should suffice. And, yes, as we can read in TechSpot, we must be very careful when using the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck portable consoles on hot daysbecause as a result of it both devices could not work correctly and even cause us damage.

The medium, in reality, only echoes the messages published by the companies responsible for both devices, which alert their users that, in the most extreme situation, they could even suffer burns from using the consoles in an uncontrolled manner on these hot days. In the case of Steam Deck, yes, its manufacturer also reassures us by stating that, before temperatures are too high, the console will automatically turn off to prevent damage.

Watch out for Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck and the heat

And is it necessary to issue this type of notice? Does it make sense that both Nintendo and Valve issue warnings about the risk of using devices like their consoles indiscriminately in this heat? Well, the problem is yes. Unfortunately, and just like every year we have the recommendations for the hours of the dog days, we also usually hear from someone who, leaving common sense behind, has acted as if they needed someone to remind them not to stick their fingers in the plug, do not put your hand in boiling water, do not cross when cars are coming…

It is true that the operation of technology is a kind of black box for many users. They know that they push buttons and things happen, and little or nothing else. However, if you turn on your console on a hot day and, after a few minutes, notice that its temperature rises above normal, perhaps you should conclude that what is happening does not seem to be good.

I don’t know, maybe in the end, after all, it is necessary to remind us that we have to drink a lot of water during hot days. Maybe we do need it, unfortunately. So we, just in case, join the round of reminders / warnings and, as we did last week with Nintendo Switch, we remind you to be careful with your Steam Deck these days of extreme heat. No problem.

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