Watch out! If you use a desktop background, you may have problems

By means of these functions that we comment on, we have the possibility to give a much more original and personal aspect to the software with which we work every day. In this way, the developer company itself gives us the possibility to modify graphic aspects, icons, sounds, colors, etc. We just have to take a look at some of the functionalities that the Settings application proposes to us in order to adapt Windows to our tastes or needs.

In fact, most use some of these actions, few are those who work with the initial default configuration of the system in terms of its appearance. Despite everything we have at hand in this regard, in most cases the desktop wallpaper it is one of the elements that we change in the first place. We do this to establish in this element that we have in view a photo that we find pleasant a motivator. In these cases we usually put images of family, friends, pleasant memories, our pet, or anything that makes us smile.

It may affect the operation of Windows

However, we must bear in mind that setting a wallpaper in Windows is not always the best idea. Although we consider that it is a wise decision, sometimes it can be more damaging than anything else. This is precisely what we want to focus on in the next few lines.

An example is the use of this type of customization elements when we work with old equipment or limited in terms of its specifications. On many occasions we set high resolution images on the desktop or even 4K to have the most impressive photo. However, it must be taken into account that the system must load that element, for example, every time we start the computer. Therefore, this is something that can negatively affect the startup and operation of the operating system.

Using lots of images is not always the best idea

At the same time we must take into consideration that the microsoft system allows us to establish a multitude of funds to be changed automatically. If we take a look at the point made above, the fact that every few minutes this high resolution image changes on its own, it could aggravate the load on the desktop as such. It should be borne in mind that the most modern and current equipment will not have problems with this that we are commenting on, obviously.

But that is not always the case, since there are many users who use computers that are several years old and have problems when executing the basic functions of Windows. Therefore, if we load these with an element like this high resolution background, which is still a heavy file, its use will not always be the best decision.

Take care of the background chosen to decorate the desktop

On the other hand, a section that we must take into consideration is that on many occasions this desktop wallpaper it will be visible to others. By this we mean that this image is exposed on many occasions if we work with other users. For example, if we are surrounded by people in an office.

That is why, depending on that environment, we have to choose carefully and carefully the type of image that we want to establish as the background. And it is that sometimes a bad choice In this sense it can bring us some problem at work.

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