Watch out! The new Chrome 97 lets websites control your keyboard

Everything related to the internet browser sector is more important than ever today, especially due to the widespread use we make of them. In addition, this is something that is especially evident in the most used program such as Google Chrome.

There are many proposals of this type that we can choose at this time. There are more focused on privacy, other browsers that are characterized by being light or those that offer us a more customizable interface. With everything and with this, as we mentioned, the most popular and widely used software of this type in the world is Chrome. This is a solution that has held that leadership for years and it seems that things will not change anytime soon.

But its developer, the search giant, doesn’t want to lose users, so he updates his project every so often. It’s worth mentioning that Chrome 96 was released on the stable channel almost two months ago. We mention this because generally the release cadence is usually every four weeks. If we take into consideration that at this time the new Chrome 97 is starting to ship, we realize that it has charged a little longer than normal.

Be that as it may, over the next few hours the new version of the browser should reach the majority of users. This is a stable version that comes with various functions, among which we are going to highlight one that has generated some controversy. Actually, we mean a new attribute in built-in API for keyboard use in browser.

The new Chrome 97 puts our privacy at risk

Keep in mind that so far some web applications such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word could not use the keyboard API to identify the key that has been pressed. But now and with the arrival of the value called keyboard-map, this problem is solved. On the one hand, we find web application developers who support the arrival of all this one hundred percent.

On the contrary, there are certain companies that do not agree at all with the implementation of this new attribute as it could be used to violate our privacy. Hence, for example, some firms of the weight of Apple or Mozilla have expressed concern in this regard. Specifically, they mean that this API exposes part of the use that users make of certain web applications, which could be used to identify and track us. This is something that could be especially evident in keyboards used in rare regions.

Precisely for all this that we tell you about the change in the API has been classified as harmful to our privacy by Apple and Mozilla. How could it be otherwise, this is a change that will not be implemented in Safari or Firefox. It must be said that to check the arrival of the new Chrome 97 we only have to go to the Help / Information menu option of Google Chrome.

On the other hand, the new Chrome 97 has other changes related to the use of forms and improvements in the CSS math functions. Another cool feature that comes here is the improvement of communication protocols.

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