Watch out! These antivirus start to mine cryptocurrencies on your PC

The different programs that we install on our computer are just as important as the operating system chosen a priori. There are corresponding to all types of sectors and of greater or lesser importance, where the antivirus they play a fundamental role. These are the ones in charge of protecting us, at least initially, from all threats that may reach our computers and their data.

There are many types of malicious codes that can reach our PC without us noticing it and at the least expected moment. Different formats of malware can reach us through the email, from a visited website, any download that we carry out, etc. But those are not the only dangers that we face in these times, since for example the mining of unwanted cryptocurrencies is becoming an all too common habit.

Precisely for all this, most antivirus at the moment are in charge of blocking or at least warn these mining programs as dangerous. It must be taken into account that they can seriously affect the overall performance of the team. However, given what we have seen, it seems that some security solutions that go the opposite way and promote it, as we will see below.

Norton uses your PC to mine cryptocurrency

To begin with, we will tell you that for some time now we have told you on occasion that one of the best-known antivirus is precisely dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies. We refer to the popular Norton antivirus through its functionality Norton Crypto. It is worth mentioning that this is a service integrated in the software itself that is in charge of managing mining, even creating our own wallet. In this way, the antivirus is in charge of mining as such, saving the proceeds and keeping 15% of what we earn.

norton crypto antivirus

This is a feature that the company itself made public in June and is now reaching all users of the security solution. It should be mentioned that the characteristic is not found enabled by default and we need certain hardware requirements. For example, at least one NVIDIA graphics with a minimum of 6 gigs of RAM to mine Ethereum. Therefore, this could be considered as a good alternative for those who want to introduce themselves in this type of use.

But we must not forget that the moment that cryptocurrencies live is not the best, the firm antivirus developer keeps 15%, and the current price of light is not optimal for this type of task.

Avira joins the mining from your PC

In parallel, it must also be taken into consideration that the aforementioned is not the latest antivirus that allows cryptocurrency mining today. Another important security solution is added to Norton, we refer to Avira antivirus. Contrary to what happens in the aforementioned case, the truth is that Avira does not leave us at all clear about the conditions and requirements of the mined from your program. We know that it mines Ethereum and that the antivirus itself is responsible for creating our digital wallet. Here we keep everything that we collect over time.

This means that in addition to having to take care of the high energy cost that mining entails, here we do not know the percentage that the Avira antivirus remains. To all this, we must add the usual transfer fees in this type of operation. Therefore, this type of work in this case could become something not recommended at all.

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