Watch out! These Squid Game apps install viruses on your devices

Squid Game, better known as The Squid game, is a Netflix series that generated a stir after its recent launch, sweeping the world. Faced with such a situation, cybercriminals have taken advantage of the trending topic to commit new scams.

Recently, a new form of fraud has been detected that uses the name of the Korean series in an application that pretends to be a video game. The app available in the Google Play Store it shows a wallpaper with the SG logo, but it actually contains malicious software.

It seems like a great opportunity to make money from in-app ads for one of the most popular TV shows without an official game, “tweeted Lukas Stefanko malware researcher at security firm ESET, who reportedly caught the app on the spot.

Other applications titled Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD, also available in the store. However, like the previous app, inside it stores a Trojan horse capable of infecting Android devices with the Joker malware, which allows hackers to take control of the computer to register for a payment service with bank information from the victim.

Move green light

The The Squid series It has also adopted other forms of fraud such as advertising scams, attackers have been known to send SMS text messages inviting users to subscribe for more information on the series and upcoming releases.

It is worth remembering that any application that is downloaded and installed on Android, it is recommended to review its rating, comments and even find that it is certified and approved under the google stampWith this, you could avoid falling into the different frauds that currently exist.

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