Watch out! This scam of a fake Post Office package wants to steal your money

Both from our mobile device and from the desktop computer, a part of our life is computerized today. This is something that is made possible thanks to the available technology together with the widespread use of Internet. However, we must keep an eye out since scams and scams are present at all times and we can become victims sooner than we think.

The attacks that we can suffer in our different devices can reach us from all kinds of places and ways. Either through email, from links that we click on different websites, through applications of instant messaging, or even through SMS that reach our mobile. In this way the attackers try to enter our computers in order to get hold of our personal data. If we start from the basis that every time we work a greater amount of sensitive and private informationall of this becomes more dangerous as time goes by.

At this moment we are approaching some somewhat marked dates, we are referring to Christmas. These dates are full of gifts and therefore packages that we both send and receive. That is precisely why cyber attackers want to take advantage of all this, as is the case with this new phishing campaign of which the signature of avast security. Specifically, it is a phishing campaign that is basically responsible for impersonating the identity of the mail service of our country.

As has happened on many other occasions in the past, the malicious campaign focuses on sending us a sms text message that asks us to pay the corresponding customs debt to receive an alleged package that we are waiting for.

Beware of this scam of an alleged package from the Post Office

Obviously, and as we mentioned before, with the dates that are about to arrive, surely many of you are waiting for the arrival of a package. That is precisely why the attackers take advantage of all this to try to deceive us with this scam. To all this we can also add that Black Friday has just ended a few days ago, which many have been waiting for a long time. There are packages that have been delayed and have to reach us during these days, so the scam can be made even more effective.

Hence precisely this phishing attack that uses a supposed message that reaches our mobile phones informing us of the arrival of that package and the disbursement of the customs tax. Once we clicked on the malicious link attached to the SMSa website similar to the one shown below appears.

Once we click on the Pay and continue button, we go to another window. This one is even more suspicious, in which we are request our bank card details. We must bear in mind that there is no verification that the card is valid, as is usually the case on legitimate platforms.

At the same time, a little later, we will also be asked for the phone number on which we received the text message. It is also important to know that in principle the attack will say that the card entered is invalidso he asks us for another one.

postage payment

As Avast informs us, this movement is carried out to try to get hold of the data of as many bank cards as possible. Therefore, and once we know all this, if we receive a message of these characteristics, what we should do is be wary and delete it immediately.

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