Watch out! Windows 11 can fill your hard drive with empty folders

Millions of users have been waiting for months to install the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 11. So far not all of them have been able to carry out their wish, for one reason or another. In the same way, among those who have installed this software, there are also those who have encountered important problems that must be corrected, as is the case.

This is quite normal, especially if we take into account the power of the operating system that has just been put into operation. It is true that the base is very similar to Windows 10, but it is still a new project that is only a few days old and therefore a lot to improve. This is something that we slowly assume that Microsoft will take over. But with everything and with it, it is the users who suffer this type of small, or not so small, failures.

Windows 11 creates empty folders on the hard drive

The most recent error that is being reported by many users around the world related to this software, refers to the system folders. Specifically these are reporting that Windows 11 creates rods empty folders They are located in a System32 folder. In principle we could say that this is a behavior similar to that carried out in Windows 10.

However, when we take a look at that folder, we are going to find hundreds or even thousands of empty folders. To all this, we can add that we have a very simple method to check if we are victims of this error. For this we only have to access the file explorer, for example, through the combination of keys Win + E. Next, we go to the following disk path:

C:/Windows/System32/config/systemprofile/AppData/Local. Windows may display a message when trying to open these system folders. But we can skip them to see the content of these. At this point, say that some of them may be hidden, so we will have to enable the display of Hidden files. We achieve this in Explorer itself from its View / Options menu to activate the option Show hidden files, folders and drives.

windows 11 folders

What to do with leftover content

If you look closely at these contents that we are talking about, the folders start with tw and end with .tmp., Which corresponds to the usual temporary. In addition, they do not contain any files, so the problem is somewhat peculiar. It is speculated that this bug with empty temporary folders is given by the tool Provisioning Package Runtime Processing of the system.

Therefore, in the event that we find hundreds or thousands of elements of this type that are completely useless, the best we can do is delete them. It must be taken into consideration that this elimination will not have any negative impact on the behavior of Windows.

It is easy to imagine that this is a more annoying than critical failure. We say this because these empty folders do not take up much space in the HDD they do not affect the operation of the PC. Hence, its removal is the best decision in most cases. At the same time it is something that we assume that sooner or later Microsoft itself will solve once and for all.

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