Watch: PowerPoint makes public speaking easier, Edge updates and downloads this game for free

The office automation sector does not stop growing in these times, something that reaches the multimedia presentations based on slides that we make. Among the many programs that we can use for this type of project, perhaps the best known is the one that is part of the Microsoft Office suite, PowerPoint.

This is a powerful program of multimedia presentations that allow us to design them so that we can present them later or share them. Despite all the functions that it presents to us to facilitate this type of work, the truth is that for many the exhibition of these presentations live to the public is an ordeal. For these users who are afraid to speak in public while showing their slides, Microsoft wants to help them.

Forget your fears when presenting in public with PowerPoint

We say all this because the software giant is now launching a new functionality, not focused on the development of the presentations, but on its presentation later. It is possible that many of you have already gone through the experience of having to publicly present a presentation designed by you, or by others, in Powerpoint. This is not exactly a good drink for many. That is why now the Redmond have just launched a function that allows us to record the presentation as such for later exposure.

This way we will have the possibility to record everything we have to tell and correct that recording so that we do not have to speak live. In addition, the program itself proposes several environments or scenarios so that we can choose the one that best suits the one we need.

Edge gets better with PDFs and online shopping

Changing detection we will tell you that the same firm has just sent to its Dev channel a new version of one of the most ambitious projects, the Edge browser. Therefore, we can now download and use the latest version of Edge Dev with some interesting news. Reaching the Edge 97 version, among these we can highlight several new features such as the ability to draw highlighted objects on the PDF files. In the same way, from now on we can also print even or odd pages of the loaded websites.

Edge 97

Another point to review is the ability to combine personal and payment information on certain shopping websites to apply coupons and make payments with a single click. In this way, what is intended is to greatly facilitate online shopping that is increasingly spreading among internet browsers. At the same time, new security-related features have been introduced to keep stored passwords safe and update more quickly.

Create futuristic cities with this free game

Almost no one dislikes a gift, and this is something that can be perfectly extended to the world of software for your PC. And if we already talk about games, then better than better. We tell you all this because, as has been usual for quite some time with the official store of Epic games, or on Thursday we can enjoy a new title for free and add it to our library.

aven colony

In this case we can enjoy the title forever Aven colony that will allow us to create our own cities on a desert planet that we will have to exploit.

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