Watch&Act becomes part of the Association for the Development of Customer Experience

Watch&Act goes one step further in its strategy of helping companies listen to and better understand their customers in order to offer them a top-quality service. Recently, it has formalized its union to the Association for the Development of Customer Experience (DEC).

The Spanish consulting firm specializing in business transformation processes with a focus on people has joined this organization, which promotes the development and implementation of best practices at the national level in the field of Customer Experience (CX).

Clients and employees, as fundamental assets

“Customers and employees are two fundamental assets of an organization, and taking care of them and retaining them is essential for the success of the business. This happens by knowing better their impressions and assessments in relation to the company, which allows them to make better decisions. For this reason, we believe that a joint management of the customer and employee experience makes the difference in a company’s strategy. And for this reason, we wanted to join DEC and be one of the more than 150 companies that seek excellence in the way they manage and treat customers”says Luis Fernando Rodríguez, CEO of Watch&Act.

“DEC is pleased to have Watch&Act as a partner, and we are sure that their knowledge and experience in the field of customer experience will be an important asset to our association”comments Mario Taguas, president of DEC.

As a member of the Association, Watch&Act will participate in the events, reports and activities that it carries out, to contribute to its positioning as a reference entity in Spain in customer experience. DEC has more than 150 top-level companies in their respective sectors.

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