Watches for everyone: alternatives to Amazfit smartwatches

Smartwatches for less than 100 euros

If you don’t want to spend too much on one of these teams, let’s start with the options for tighter budgets by less than 100 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

The first of the models in this collection, and the most economical, is the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite. It is a smart watch with a 1.4 ″ color screen, in which we can see all the data that this equipment is capable of showing us. Among them are daily physical activity, notifications from our phone, heart rate, sleep monitoring, etc.

Regarding its autonomy, this device is capable of withstanding up to 9 days of use according to the manufacturer. In addition, we will have the possibility of customizing the spheres, being able to choose from more than 120 different possibilities. Its price is only 49 euros.

Realme Watch 2 Pro

On the other hand, within the cheapest watches, we have this realme Watch 2 Pro that we talked about recently in our in-depth YouTube review. This model has a price of around 80 euros.

As for its capabilities, it has a 1.75 ″ screen that we can adjust to our tastes through its entire catalog of spheres. In it we can see data of our daily physical activity or follow us in 90 different sports activities precisely thanks to its GPS. It has IP68 resistance against water and dust, we can receive our notifications through the screen, see our heart rate or blood oxygen saturation and much more.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Although if you liked the first model we showed you, your older brother will do it even more. This is the Xiaomi Mi Watch, which has a 1.39 ″ full color AMOLED screen.

We can use it to track our physical activity in more than 100 types of exercises, measure blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, track sleep and many more details that we tell you in our in-depth analysis on YouTube. Its price is around 99.99 euros.

Smart watches for less than 200 euros

Now, in this selection, it is time to slightly increase the price range, keeping the models for less than 200 euros.

HONOR Watch GS Pro

The manufacturer HONOR also has some interesting smartwatch models. Among them is this HONOR Watch GS Pro, which is priced at 169 euros.

It has a 1.39 ″ screen with a round dial and an aesthetic that is quite similar to that of a conventional watch. It has an autonomy of about 25 days of use, IP68 resistance, measurement of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. In addition, this model has passed 14 types of MIL-STD-810G tests, which means that it is prepared to withstand whatever you throw at it. Of course, it includes GPS for a better measurement of all the possible activities that we can do with it.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro

Another interesting model within this price range could be the HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro, which is around 189 euros. It is one of the smart watches most purchased by users (especially those who own an Android mobile) both for its careful and elegant aesthetics, as well as for its possibilities.

Not only can we adapt its 1.39 ″ dial to our liking among all the possibilities it offers, but also: it has more than 100 sports modes, it has a battery that can be extended up to 2 weeks of use, receive notifications, measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and many more details.

OnePlus Watch

Finally, among the smart watches for less than 200 euros, we want to recommend the Oneplus Watch We recently told you everything you need to know about in our analysis on YouTube.

It is a smartwatch with a round dial that surrounds an elegant and minimalist design. With this model, of course, we can monitor daily activity, heart rate, control the music on the phone and many other features for 14 days of use without going through the charger (according to the manufacturer). In addition, it has a microphone, so we can respond to notifications and calls without touching the phone with our voice. Its current price is 189 euros.

Smartwatches for less than 300 euros

Finally, we want to show you some of the best models that you can buy as an alternative to Amazfit. Although, yes, its price increases, standing by under 300 euros.

OPPO Watch

Another model that we already tell you all about on YouTube is the OPPO Watch. A smartwatch whose price is around 200 euros.

This smartwatch is one of the few models whose operating system is Google’s own, that is, Wear OS. A computer with a 1.6 ″ screen in the 41 mm model and 1.91 ″ in the 46 mm model. Through this panel, which by the way looks incredibly good, we will be able to manage the spheres among its entire catalog, in addition to quickly seeing a summary of our daily activity. In addition, it has sensors for heart rate, sleep monitoring, you can receive notifications, etc.

Apple Watch SE

Finally, for those users who have an Apple phone, we want to recommend the Apple Watch SE. A team with a lot of functionalities and capabilities like the ones we have already mentioned in all the previous models: heart rate, oxygen saturation, we can answer notifications and calls, etc.

This has many aspects similar to the most current and advanced model of the apple brand’s smart watches. So, if you want to know everything about him, you can take a look at our comparison on YouTube. The price of the Applw Watch SE is 269 ​​euros for the 40mm model. If you want the 44 mm, yes, you will have to go up to 323 euros.

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