watchOS 10 could be a very complete update for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 0

We continue testing the betas of watchOS in its 9 versions. At the moment, no new functions have been added that represent a small revolution within the software for the Apple Watch, but bug fixes and improvements are always welcome. Now, it seems that the best is yet to come. I am not referring to the next beta, but to the next version 10 that if all goes well we will be able to see it in June together with WWDC. This new version yes promises to change many things about the clock.

According to Mark Gurman in his new edition of the Power On newsletter, version number 10 of watchOS will bring about very significant changes in the way we look at our Apple Watch. The Apple analyst who has countless successes behind him and whose reputation precedes him, affirms that Apple wants to radically change the way you use and see the Apple Watch. For that, you want the operating system in that version bring new and very different things to the watch.

What Apple wants to focus on is the way the watch and the user interact. That way watchOS 10 is expected to have new shapes, new colors and even new tasks. There is no talk or no mention of new functions per se, but the change will be drastic and this new version will be very worthwhile.

The good thing about it being a software version is that we can install it on the watches as long as it is compatible, of course. But that’s always better than not shelling out money for new watches with features that only work on those forward versions. sure that Rumors will be coming out about this new version and we will be aware of everything that arises and telling it through this means.

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